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Blue Diamond Rings
Blue Diamond Rings

When people often think of an engagement ring, they usually picture pure, white diamonds. Diamonds with color are even more desirable than colorless diamonds, which are extremely precious and exquisite. Furthermore, they are classified as fancy diamonds and are sometimes called fancy color diamonds by expert jewelers.

Due to their exceptional rarity, color diamonds come in top place. When you look at online diamond stores, you will find that there are different fancy color diamonds available. Purple, green, yellow, red diamonds, etc. are very popular these days. However, the most popular colored diamond among people is the blue diamond.

In this article, we will take a closer look at blue diamonds.

What Are Blue Diamonds?

The blue diamond is a popular fancy color diamond that possesses similar qualities as that of other colored diamonds. Unlike most other colored diamonds, blue diamonds have green, grey, and violet undertones. Natural-color blue diamonds are one of the most difficult gemstones to come by, as they are one of the rarest. The color intensity and purity are the two most essential factors in evaluating a blue diamond’s value. While light-blue diamonds are the most frequent, those with the most intense color are extremely impossible to come by.

IIb Type diamonds are also known as “superdeep” diamonds, according to the GIA, because they are found considerably deeper within the Earth’s surface than other varieties of diamonds. Almost all the existing blue diamonds were discovered from South America.

The chemical ingredient boron, which absorbs red, yellow, and green light, gives blue diamonds their blue color. Boron is found in less than 0.001% of the Earth’s crust. Blue diamonds are extremely rare as a result of this. Aside from boron, blue diamonds can also include hydrogen, which results in gray and violet undertones. Nitrogen traces can be found in blue diamonds with green or yellow tints.

Are Blue Diamonds The Better Choice?

Blue diamond rings are incredibly robust and scratch-resistant, making them ideal for everyday wear. Blue diamonds have a fire and brilliance that other blue gemstones, such as blue sapphire or tanzanite, can’t equal, making them excellent for a center stone. They look stunning with colorless diamonds and can let you create engagement rings that are unique. More intricate designs, such as triple octagonal halo rings, look gorgeous with blue diamond engagement rings.