Engagement Ring Styles
Engagement Ring Styles
Engagement Ring Styles

If getting a bigger engagement ring was always your dream, but now you cannot afford a diamond with higher carat weight, you still don’t have to get disappointed. There is a wide range of impressive ideas you can try to get bigger engagement rings for more affordable rates. The following are some of the best engagement ring styles you can try that can offer an extravagant look for your rings at lower expenses.

Halo Setting

A solitaire engagement ring demands a bigger diamond, as it will be the center of attention for this ring. But if you only have a smaller center diamond that may not look attractive on a solitaire ring, then it is better to go for a halo setting that surrounds your center stone with smaller diamonds. The combined sparkle created by the center stone and small diamonds surrounding it can create the illusion of a bigger diamond. As small stones are extremely cheaper than bigger ones, they can be an affordable option for you.

Cluster Setting

A cluster setting is also similar to a halo setting, as this ring setting also comes with a large number of small diamonds. However, there won’t be a center diamond for this setting, instead, several smaller diamonds will be set in a cluster so that they can together look like a bigger diamond. This ring setting is a popular option among people who cannot afford a solitaire ring. Also, people specifically choose this particular ring setting for the delicate look created by the small diamonds.

Settings With Side Stones

There is a wide variety of engagement ring settings available for you that come with side stones. Some of them are 3-stone and 5-stone settings. These settings come with smaller side stones along with a center diamond that is slightly bigger than these stones. The side stones can enhance the look of your center diamond thereby offering it a bigger look.

Go For Rings With Lab-Grown Diamonds

Even though lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds that come with all the characteristics of natural diamonds mined from the earth, they are far more affordable than the latter because of their artificial origin. Therefore, you can get bigger diamonds for your budget by choosing rings that come with these artificial stones.

Alternative Gemstone Rings

Alternative gemstones can be more affordable than diamonds. Hence, you can get a bigger engagement ring by preferring these stones.

In short, if you are on a short budget, but dream of a bigger engagement ring, then the options listed above can be ideal for you.