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Cushion Cut Diamonds
Cushion Cut Diamonds

The cushion cut is one of the traditional cuts used in the diamond industry. These diamonds are characterized by the presence of 58 facets. Besides, their curvy corners make them appear like pillows and hence they are also known by the name pillow cut diamonds.

It is observed that the styles are changing constantly, regardless of the industry. The same applies to the diamond industry as well. Designs keep emerging, thereby eliminating the old styles. Similarly, cushion cut, being an old design, went out of fashion during the last century. However, due to a trend of revival in the diamond industry, several vintage designs have returned to the market. Consequently, cushion cut also came to the fore of the diamond sales in the recent years.

Cushion cut occupies a prominent place in the diamond jewelry market today. These designs were very popular in the past as well. This can be seen from various jewels collected from royal families. As a result of the recent revival of cushion cut diamonds, they are being sported by several famous personalities. Today, the romantic and vintage touch of these designs attracts numerous customers. Many of the popular cuts include ones with smaller tables, steeper crowns, and enlarged culets

The modern-day varieties of cushion cut have tiny culets or none at all. They may resemble the round brilliant cut diamonds in appearance. The old version of cushion cut featured broad chunky facets. At the same time, the modern cushion cut is made distinct by giving it a number of smaller individual facets.

The Length to Width Ratio

Cushion cuts exist in a large number of shapes including rectangular and square shapes. The selection if the shape depends largely on the type of ring that would be used and personal preference. The length to width ration used commonly lies between 1.00 and 1.05, which gives it an appearance similar to a square.

Note that buying a cushion cut diamond could be a bit difficult. This is because the information you obtain from the grading report is usually inadequate. One of the main reasons behind the confusion is the huge difference between 2 fancy diamonds that have similar depth to table ratio. Besides, there is no assurance whether the gemstone you get would look attractive even if the report says that it is satisfactory.