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Centuries back in 1477, Mary of Burgundy was betrothed by Archduke Maxmillian of Austria got to commission with the very first engagement ring with a diamond for the first time in the history. Since then, the alluring stone had been haunting humans. As of now, the preference of diamond engagement rings over any other rings is quite inevitable, as people do still are reviving out to new modern trends in the diamond jewelry making process. Nevertheless, the reasons for such a move have to be pondered enough.


There are specific values for both the polished and rough diamond all across the world. The trade on diamonds is always a luxurious lot. The four factors namely, clarity, carat weight, color, and cut determine the value of a diamond. Though the diamonds are set in an engagement ring, it is deemed as an investment as long as you possess them.


The hardest ever material found on earth is very assured of making the most beautiful ornament. They always resist any sorts of wear or tear with numerous facets it retains. The high-quality polish they possess is improved to result in magnificently proportioned versions. It is believed that the eternal shine of the stone is symbolic of the lasting relationship of the couple.


Diamonds through the ages had turned out to represent commitment. Some buyers do deem the cost of the diamond itself as a gesture of such a promise of being together forever. The expression of such commitment, are depicted by purchasing a precious engagement ring whether it be bought directly out of finance or saved money.


Diamond is that stone which still produces that exceptional fire than any other stones. Among those, the brilliance and fire emitted from the round cut diamond are the maxima. It can be analyzed with the refracted and reflected light from the precious stone.

Neutrality of Color

The bright white color of your special diamond ring goes in sync with a range of clothes you wear. The neutral nature of the stone gives a style and statement with your special beautiful gown or any attire.


Your diamond will suit any sorts of metal that it is paired with, be it gold, platinum, silver or any other metal that you wear. The ring turns out to a daily accessory, without being influenced by any sentiment, value, and purpose. However, diamonds are mostly combined with White Gold, Platinum or Palladium. Those who love experimenting are done by changing the metal or changing the color of the diamond