Blue Diamond Rings
Blue Diamond Rings
Blue Diamond Rings

Diamond engagement rings are an important part of engagements because they represent the purity and beauty of the relationship. The color of the center stone is as important as the other aspects of the ring like the setting, metal, shape of the stone, and style. You choose the combinations depending on the preferences, personality, and lifestyle of the person wearing them. Besides, to make the best selection, it is recommended to discuss with your jeweler. In this article, we will discuss in detail blue diamond engagement rings; read ahead to know more about them.

What Is The Blue Diamond?

The blue diamond is a naturally occurring diamond that comes with a blue hue as it contains boron in its crystal lattice. Besides, the color of these diamonds varies from light blue to deep blue; often, there will be secondary hues like grey, violet, or green. Moreover, remember that blue diamonds are naturally found on the earth’s surface.

You must also know that blue diamonds are only mined in a few mines across the globe, and they are the following:

  • Australia’s Argyle mine
  • South Africa’s Cullinan mine
  • India’s Golconda mine

Furthermore, blue diamonds and blue diamond rings are priced much higher than white diamonds and other fancy diamonds because of their uncommonness.

Different Kinds Of Blue Diamonds

There is a spectrum inside blue diamonds, and a majority of them are Type IIb diamonds. Besides, they account for only 0.1% of the colored diamonds in the world. The color of these stones varies from light to deep, vivid blue. Also, most of them have a secondary hue, which alters their color to become more gray or green.

The look of blue diamond’s varies according to their color intensity, i.e., some look like vibrant blue gemstones, pale blue gemstones, or the mix of two colors like purple and blue. The tint and character of the stone are brought about by the secondary hues. Above all, wherever a stone falls in the color chart for blue diamonds, it is a stunning rare gem.

The Intensity Levels Of Blue Diamonds

The color intensity scale for blue diamonds is the following:

  • Fancy vivid blue
  • Faint blue
  • Fancy light blue
  • Fancy intense blue
  • Very light blue
  • Fancy blue
  • Fancy deep blue
  • Light blue
  • Fancy dark

Although all blue diamonds are considered rare, those without secondary colors are more unique.

Keep the above-shared details in mind. We hope you land the perfect blue diamond engagement ring!