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Even though marriages are said to be the symbol of an eternal relationship between the partners, it is not the same for every couple. While some people will be gifted with a lifetime bonding, some couples tend to hit the rock bottom. However, this does not mean that the latter has to keep from romantic relations. In fact, everyone deserves a second chance in life. Plus, love is not one-time emotion, it can happen anytime and at any age.

Choosing Engagement Rings for Second Marriages

Nowadays, it is not so uncommon to get engaged multiple times. After all, its life and mistakes can happen. The factor that matters the most is your ability to get over it and move on in life happily. Are you one of those lucky souls who had to go through a bad relationship but have met the true love of your life afterwards? Are you going to get engaged for the second time? If yes, you would be wondering about the etiquette to be followed while choosing your diamond engagement to seal your second marriage.

It is to be noted that there are no specific thumb rules when it comes to choosing engagement rings irrespective of whether it is for the first or second time. However, most couples who decide to tie the knot for the second time often settle for a subtle and understated diamond ring. Otherwise, they might switch their old diamond wedding rings with their brand new diamond engagement rings. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your personal preference and lifestyle.

However, it is recommended to follow one important rule that no person should wear their old diamond engagement or wedding rings if he/she is planning to get committed again. Furthermore, make sure that your latest diamond engagement rings reflect your unique relationship with your partner. For this, you must push every aspect of your former relationship aside and concentrate on your present relationship. Plus, letting go off your all the memories associated with your ex-partner is significant to avoid confusion in your present relationship.

Amazing Diamond Engagement Ring Designs for Second Marriages

Most couples tend to make startling and noticeable changes when choosing diamond engagement rings for the second time. As mentioned earlier, there is no specific protocol for choosing your diamond rings. Nevertheless, most people are likely to be well-settled into a career at this point in their life and hence, are likely to pick a stunning and better sparkler. Furthermore, the personal interests and tastes of the couples are likely to change over time and hence, the design that they chose during their secondengagement is unlikely to resemble the former design. In simple words, couples might look for a ring that features a different cut, setting, metal, and every other element.

While some brides use this opportunity to explore more and experiment with the designs, some brides may settle for a safe choice. Colored diamonds will be a suitable choice for the former category. Moreover, since people are getting engaged for the second time, they are likely to be more open to the concept and may discuss their ring choices with their prospective partners. As a result, second-time engaged couples have better chances of getting their desired diamond engagement rings.

If you are wondering about the perfect or popular diamond ring design for your second engagement, there is no specific option just like the ring selection protocol. However, colored diamond engagement rings seem to be a relatively sought-after choice in this case. While some couples tend to nail the look with a single colored diamond at the center, the couples who love to go bold are often spotted flaunting multi-colored diamond rings. Needless to mention, such outstanding diamond engagement rings scream uniqueness, confidence, and appealing quality that almost every matured and independent person endeavor to achieve.

Alternative Diamond Engagement Ring Designs to Consider

Some couples might feel that investing in an expensive diamond engagement ring for the second time is a bit too much. If you belong to this taxonomy, it is better to skip the engagement ring trend and go directly for a subtle yet amazing diamond wedding ring. You may choose unconventional bands this time as well. In most cases, your former wedding band is probably the one that features a simple metal band encrusted with tiny diamonds. This time, you can define your relationship in a broader sense by incorporating the heart design or by engraving romantic quotes or anything that depicts your relationship. Some couples even tend to choose a wedding band design that is totally devoid of diamonds.

Furthermore, second marriages are likely to be straightforward and simple, unlike the maiden extravagant and theatrical wedding ceremonies. Couples who prefer to go this way can consider subtle wedding band designs that feature minimal accent diamonds in order to symbolize their matured and deep love. In short, be comfortable with your chosen design and happy about the bright and happy future that you are about to build together with your partner.