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Diamond Rings For Women

One of the most popular styles of diamond rings for women is knot rings. Many people are choosing various knot ring varieties over traditional ring styles. The origin of knot rings is still unclear. However, there is enough evidence that shows the use of knot rings in many of the ancient cultures around the world. Throughout history, knot rings had multiple meanings, but most commonly knot rings are used as a symbol of eternal romantic love. Knot rings are also used as a symbol of friendship. Let’s take a look at each one of the different types of knot rings available in the market.

Double Knot Ring

It is believed that the double knot ring originated in the ancient Celtic civilization. However, there is evidence that suggests double knot rings were used in Britain and Scandinavia. Double knot rings are made from two strands of metal that forms a knot. This type of knot ring is mainly used in wedding ceremonies to denote the union of two people. The continuous shape of the double knot ring is a symbol of eternity and the classic shape is a symbol of unity. When combined, both images give you a symbol of eternal love.

Celtic Knot Ring

Celtic knot ring is a type of knot ring that is made from a continuous loop of metal. It is believed to be originated in ancient Ireland. There are different types of Celtic knot rings and each one has its own meaning. Let us see what these are.

Spiral knot: The main feature of this type of Celtic knot ring is three spirals that symbolize earth, fire, and water. All three spirals are made from the same piece of wire. Spiral knot celebrates the unity and eternity found in nature.

Love knot: For centuries, love knot rings are used as a part of wedding ceremonies. The design of the love knot ring is two interlocking hearts and it symbolizes undying romantic love. This knot is perfect for some of the best engagement rings.

Trinity knot: This type of Celtic knot has a triangular shape that symbolizes the parts of life that comes in three, such as three stages of life, three elements, and three realms. Some people also match the trinity knot with the Trinity concept in Christianity.

Infinity Knot Ring

Many people consider the infinity knot ring as the perfect ring to symbolize eternity. Various cultures around the world used infinity knot rings during their time to symbolize eternity and immortality.