Gold Engagement Rings
Engagement Ring Settings

When considering about engagement ring settings suitable for you, you can mainly see two classifications called handmade and machine-made. As the name suggests, handmade rings will be forged by a jeweler through a large number of processes including cutting, hammering, shaping and then annealing. After this, the precious metals are placed on the piece of jewelry as needed. However, there are only very few jewelers who create perfect handmade rings. Other jewelers will mostly have the machine-made rings in their collection.

Pieces of jewelry that are created in bulk using a cast or a mold is generally known as machine-made jewelry. Jewelers use it for the mass production of the same design.

Both handmade rings and machine-made rings have their own pros and cons. You may either select a handmade or machine made jewelry based on the occasion you are wearing them. We provide you guidelines regarding these two engagement rings settings for helping you to choose the best for you.

Special Occasions

Usually, jewelry for special occasions like engagement or wedding rings will be made with a more elegant and classic look in mind. Considering this factor, it is better to choose machine-made jewelry for such occasions as they have more precise cuts and hence, perfection. Also, when pairing a wedding band with an engagement ring, both will look perfect together if both of them are machine-made.

However, this does not mean that handmade rings are not suitable for these occasions. In some cases, machine-made jewelry may be lacking personality when compared to their handmade versions.

If you are a person who desires for unique designs for your engagement ring, then it is better for you to select a handmade one rather than machine-made. Rings forged by hand will be unique and personalized and hence create an ideal option for those who want custom made designs.

Gifting Options

When you gift a piece of jewelry, it is better to go for a handmade one as it can make a good impression because of their uniqueness. Also, as they are one of the kind, the person who is wearing it won’t have to worry about getting their ring mixed with another one.

However, some other people might feel that having a ring from a well-known brand would give them more recognition. It is appropriate to select the machine-made jewelry for those people.

When you go for engagement ring shopping, keep all these things in mind for getting the best engagement rings for you.