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Square Engagement Rings
Square Engagement Rings

Asscher cut and the Princess-cut diamond rings are the most popular options while choosing an engagement ring. However, these square edged stones are in more trends lately, especially for those long-fingered women out there. Besides giving a bold look to the 90-degree angled ring, the square cut diamond rings are those modern ones, which is all about creating a chic statement to the wearer. Most popular Square cut diamond is Princess Cut, Cushion Cut, Asscher Cut, Baguette Cut, Radiant Cut and Emerald Cut. 

Halo Square-Cut Engagement Ring

Magnificent sparkle is promised to offer from this halo square-cut engagement ring. Inspired from the vintage set of jewelry, the ring features petite diamonds on its halo resulting in incomparable brilliance. An antique feel is brought by the subtle split in this beautiful band while it matches the major setting of the ring.

Tapered Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

The iconic princess-cut diamond is accentuated with the diamond band that is tapered pave. An eternal silhouette is formed by the four prongs surrounding the central princess cut diamonds. Bold angles along with the incomparable sparkle brand the ring to appear luxurious. Any precious metal can be set in this very attractive square engagement diamond ring.

Double French-Set Diamond Engagement Ring

The prominent Square shaped center stone is given a vintage appeal in this double French-set Diamond Engagement Ring. The large open table of the asscher cut emphasizes the clarity of the diamond, with its step-cut facet pattern. Moreover, these vintage asscher cut diamond rings were popularized by Carrie Bradshaw, Elizabeth Taylor, and many others.

Simple Engagement Ring

The pattern of this simple though elegant diamond ring with a plain band, allows the central diamond to shine in its fullest. The stone set in this gorgeous diamond is of the Princess cut diamond, which adorns a brilliant facet pattern. White Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum or even Yellow Gold can be paired up with this stone.

Micro-Paved Bypass Diamond Engagement Ring

The asscher cut diamond at the center are in stark contrast to that of petite diamonds set in the pave, as they are forming a bypass swirl with every feature of the modern square engagement rings. Moreover, the pattern is an intriguing one as it is amalgamated with angled and curved lines. The bypass diamond ring is a perfect specimen of brilliant craftsmanship.