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Getting engaged is one of the most exciting experiences you can go through in life. You can get very busy during this time, in that you may even postpone the selection of your wedding band. Below are a few tips for easy selection of metal band for typical diamond rings.

Engagement Ring Designer’s Options

The majority of wedding designers offer a range of bands for you to choose from. There are high chances that your engagement ring has the perfectly matching wedding bands available.

In case there are no matching wedding bands, look for other brands and designers that could provide you the required wedding band.

Pair Bands According to Your Engagement Ring Style

Note that certain pairings of alternate diamond rings and wedding bands complement each other really well. If you are confused on where to start, think about the style of band you want to wear. A great way to do this is by asking yourself the following questions.

Is It A Single Stone, Three Stones Or A Diamond-Lined Band?

Single-stone engagement rings are attractive, and look good with most wedding bands. A three-stone engagement ring, meanwhile, is more attractive with a band of lined diamonds. Engagement rings featuring diamond-lined bands look most attractive when paired with wedding bands studded with diamond linings. There are many ways to make your ring look creative. You could mix the available options into interesting combinations, and the results would be highly rewarding. For instance, you could add a diamond line wedding band to a solitaire diamond ring. This would make the ring look stunning, because the two features complement each other really well.

Are There Gemstones Other Than Diamonds?

The non-traditional style of engagement ring provides several interesting options when it comes to choosing a design for a wedding band. Most wedding bands would contain a matching gemstone to pair with the engagement ring. Remember that the non-traditional engagement ring is already a bold statement of style. Thus, you can opt for a simple design while choosing the wedding band.

Is There A Diamond Halo With The Center Stone?

Remember that halo engagement rings make a center diamond look larger than actual. They pair well with curved wedding bands. This is not to say a straight wedding band would not look just as good.

Bridal Stacks

By tradition, brides wear a single wedding band, which goes well with their engagement ring. However, there is a new trend of stacking multiple bands together to create different attractive combinations. With this, you could rearrange the stacks and design them according to choice.