Cluster Diamond Ring
Cluster Diamond Ring
Cluster Diamond Ring

The classic solitaire setting is the choice for most people when it comes to their precious engagement rings. The bigger the diamond, the pricier the ring. Today’s diamond market offers some great options for those who want a big stone that is not heavy on the pocket.

The Cluster Diamond Ring

This type of ring features a cluster of diamonds set in a ring, creating the appearance of one big diamond set on the band. The cluster would have a unique sparkle that becomes more evident when the jewelry is exposed to better light. The group of small diamonds captures the light and reflects the same to showcase a unique light performance. The small diamonds, however, lack the large surface area, cut and facets that help solitaires capture light and reflect and refract it in a way that creates an unmatched brilliance.

The small diamonds used to make cluster designs are usually the leftovers from the etching and shaping of larger-carat diamonds. The smaller diamonds can be of the same cut, color and clarity as the big diamonds with the only difference being the carat weight. This is great news for buyers who do not want to compromise on the quality of the stones while going for a budget friendly option.

The Halo Diamond Ring

Those who have their heart set on a big stone can go with the halo setting, without causing a dent in their finances. This is made possible by choosing a big center stone that best fits your budget and then pairing it with smaller stones of the same quality to form a halo design. This would give the center stone the appearance of a big stone, much bigger than its actual size.

The brilliance of such an arrangement would also be better than a cluster ring featuring a number of small diamonds. For example, a 1 carat halo diamond ring would have a great combined light performance of the big center stone in the halo setting complimented with the brilliance of multiple small diamonds encasing the big stone.

The cluster diamond ring and halo diamond ring can be pocket friendly options for those who want to purchase a good engagement ring at a reasonable price, without compromising on the quality and appearance of the diamond setting. The choice of the number of diamonds and the total carat weight can be made based on individual preferences and budget.