A wedding ring represents a promise and a wedding band solidifies the bond of marriage. The two rings beautifully represent the special union of you and your partner. However, wearing two rings in one finger have some drawbacks. It may lead to ring corrosion and damage our engagement ring and wedding band. In order to avoid that, some couples choose to have their rings soldered.

Soldering wedding rings together means fusing two rings, in this case an engagement ring and a wedding band, to form one bridal set. Many couples choose to solder their rings as a representation of their bonding.  For soldering the two rings, a filler metal is melted to fuse the rings together. In this article, we will discuss about advantages and disadvantages of soldering your love knot engagement ring and wedding bands together.

What Do You Mean By Love Knot Ring?

The lover’s knot or love knot represents a symbol of love and eternity. A love knot ring is a ring that is designed in the shape of a love knot. When it comes to jewelry design, knots are a common theme. This is because when two people get married, we say that they tied the knot. Later, the phrase became a metaphor for the commitment that couples show towards each other. A knot symbolizes an unbreakable pledge in many cultures. This inspired the design of a love knot ring in modern times.

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Soldering The Love Knot Rings

Many couples these days prefer to solder their engagement ring and wedding bands. Lets us see the advantages and disadvantages of soldering love knot rings.

Advantages Disadvantages
Reduced wear and tear Difficult to separate
Perfect alignment Always have to wear together
Comfortable fit Resizing takes time


When you wear the engagement ring and wedding band in the same finger, they will inevitably rub up against each other corrode each other. This forces you to give the rings for maintenance regularly. If your love knot engagement ring is white gold, you will have to get the ring rhodium plated regularly to keep its sparkling condition and it is really expensive. When you solder your rings together at a jewelry store, the everyday wear and tear caused by the friction will be reduced. This will also help you to save money and time on the metal maintenance.

You will get very annoyed when the two rings slide around your finger. Sometimes it may drive you crazy when the rings are not aligned perfectly. If you have a high profile diamond on the engagement ring, you may find the rings twisting and spinning on the finger. Soldering the engagement ring and wedding band together is the best option to avoid this problem. It also keeps your ring at the centre all the time. You can solder the rings together if you don’t want them to slide out of place.

It is really uncomfortable when the rings slide around your fingers. Sometimes the rubbing of metal against your skin can cause some serious allergic reactions and skin irritations. The allergic reactions may lead to swelling and itching. When the rings twist and spin, the center diamond, the centre diamond hit the other fingers and sometimes your skin will get stuck between the two rings and create a pinching feeling. To avoid these uncomfortable scenarios, you should solder your engagement ring and wedding band together. Soldering ensures a comfortable fit and you won’t feel like you have two rings on your finger.


When you solder you rings together, you no longer have the option to only wear your love knot engagement ring or the wedding band. This won’t be an issue if your bridal set goes perfectly together. But if both your engagement ring and wedding band are unique on their own, you no longer have an option to wear them individually. If you have an interest in mixing and matching your jewelry, you will lose that option when you solder your rings. If you are having more than one wedding band that you can wear, soldering the rings together might not be a best option.

You should really think before soldering your engagement and wedding band together. Because once they are fused together, separating it will be very difficult. If you have any plan to pass down the ring to the next generation or soldering the ring diminishes the beauty of the two rings, you might want it to separate the rings. In both situation, the separation is a very difficult aspect and there is a high chance that your rings may get damaged. The damage might decrease the value of the rings.

When you solder your engagement ring and wedding band together, it may create a snugger fit. Most of the couples do not realize this problem. So it is better to consult a jeweler before soldering your rings together. Size up your rings about a quarter sixe to overcome the snugger fit problem. Soldering the rings together takes about 1-2 weeks. so if you are planning on soldering the rings together before your wedding day, give the ring to a soldering expert in advance.