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Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Buying an engagement ring can be a tricky business. With innumerable options available, and the variety of the choices, it can get a little confusing. However, if you spend a little bit of time planning, you can easily ensure that you buy the best engagement ring for your special occasion. Below are a few steps that will guide you to buy the best diamond engagement rings for you.

Fix Your Budget

This is a crucial step in buying the right diamond for you. There might be several factors related to the society or your family that you need to take into account while deciding this. Make sure that you follow your heart and go with what feels right. Remember that you can always upgrade your diamond in the future.

Once you are clear with the budget, you can easily go ahead with the remaining steps. This will remove confusion in the remaining steps of the process to choose the diamond rings.

Visualize A Diamond Shape

It is always better to have a shape in mind. This means you have to consider the likes and dislikes of your woman before fixing the shape. Make sure you find out her interests and finally arrive at the shape that she would like. Remember, that the shape of a diamond ring is one of its main attractive features. Besides, the shape also speaks volumes about a person’s character. For instance, traditional women prefer round shape diamonds whereas, someone with a modern mindset would go with an oval-shaped diamond. therefore, make sure you do your research and find out enough to finalize a diamond shape before you head out to buy a diamond ring.

Research The 4cs

The 4Cs are essential knowledge to have regardless of the diamond jewelry you are planning to buy. You need to have the required know-how regarding the Carat Weight, color, clarity, and cut of a diamond. The knowledge regarding these factors means that you will know about each specification of a diamond as they are presented to you. The grades mentioned in the certificate point to the specific qualities and a good knowledge of these factors will help you understand the diamond better.

While you do the research, make sure you also gather information regarding diamond fluorescence. It influences the diamond’s appearance and its prices in more ways than you would normally imagine.

Pick the Right Place To Purchase The Diamonds

Nowadays, a lot of choices are available to buy your diamonds from. There are numerous dealers online that sell diamonds. These provide the convenience of lower rates than the physical stores. Besides, they provide much more varieties of choices. You can make use of the transparency of pricing and purchase the diamond of your choice.

Physical stores, on the other hand, charge you higher than the online dealers do. However, here you can actually discuss the whereabouts of the diamonds to a person. They can guide you to make better choices, but they may sometimes be persuasive, which you need to recognize.

Narrow Down Your Search

The narrower your range of search, the easier it would be to find the diamond ring of your choice. Statistics suggest that if you search with a list of 30, it would be easier to find them. Once you have done this, the next step is to be clear about the quality of the diamond you are after. This includes clarity and cuts of the diamond.

Diamond cut is of the utmost importance in this. Make sure you stick to the excellent cut when choosing the round diamonds. Bear in mind that the GIA does not grade the cut quality of shapes other than round. Therefore, you need to figure out the best quality of cut from the retailer itself.

The next step is to find out the Diamond clarity and color. It is best to start with VS2 clarity and H color. These are pleasantly white with little imperfections.

In case you are unsure about the carat weight, you can pick the color first. This could be either J or K if the stone is mounted on yellow gold. Then you can pick SI1 and SI2 clarity. Further, you can decide on the fluorescence as you come down the scale of color.

Choose A Diamond With A Setting And Purchase It

Finally, you can pick a diamond with a setting. This has several advantages. Firstly, it offers a protective layer to the diamond. Secondly, it provides the option of resizing. If the purchase is done online, it makes the repair, resizing, and cleaning slightly inconvenient.

Ensure that the diamond ring is the right size for you, and build a good relationship with the dealer. This way, you can always come back for a maintenance check-up or a cleanup. Further, they would also guide you to upgrade the diamond appropriately in the future.