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Every woman is waiting for that moment to bring out her favorite diamond jewelry and flaunt it to the world. These precious stones must be worn with utter class and could only be worn to certain occasions that best fit. The style and design of every diamond jewelry you wear would be remembered by every woman at that gathering. So picking the right stone and diamond for the right occasion is imminent. We can look at some of the few occasions in which you can adorn a diamond piece with great joy.

Formal Work Functions

There are days that you have important meetings with clients at work and you need to dress up really well. Work functions are a day when you make connections with your business partners. These functions are a remarkable day to show off your attire to your colleagues and impress your boss. Never leave such an opportunity to get your self esteem up by showcasing some of the fine jewelry you own.

Christmas Day

We all consider Christmas as a day to relax and enjoy drinking a glass of eggnog. But it is also a great day to wear your party dress and your fine diamond piece to the midnight mass. Also going out to a nice restaurant on the Christmas day is a staple for many newlywed couples. You could wear the outfit or jewelry that you wore when you first met to add to the romance. Do not exaggerate on the jewelry as the attention should be on you.


Weddings happen during all season, although the diamond trends for every occasion keep changing. However those classic diamond jewelry pieces that are fashionable all year round add a touch of elegance to your wedding look. A diamond necklace paired with a gemstone earring and a gold metal bracelet would be a classic wedding look for all seasons. Whether you are a bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride or simply a guest, there is something for each of you when it comes to choosing diamond jewelry for that grand day.


If special occasion like the mark of your wedding day is coming up and you wish to buy your partner or a special person a special gift, diamond jewelry is the best choice. Diamond jewelry is always a classic elegant piece to mark an occasion, something they can remember always.