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Some people will be really honored and lucky to have an heirloom diamond ring that shows off the legacy of their family. Some even say that this will be the best option for your diamond engagement rings. Such sparklers are the sign of trust and acceptance that your shows towards your significant other. Plus, you can save the money that you had put aside in order to buy a brand new diamond ring, and invest it in other important things.

In most cases, heirloom diamond rings boast a gaudy setting and huge gemstones. Hence, it may not be an appropriate option to gift to your modern bride. However, you can make such antique diamond rings ideal to complement the style and personality of your bride by slightly tweaking its setting. Yet again, you need to make sure that the spirit of your family diamond ring is not lost in the process, and that you can pass the same to the next generations as well.

Before taking an heirloom diamond ring to a jeweler, talk to its former owner so that they do not get hurt after seeing the makeover version of their rings. Make them understand that you value the ring, but its settings are not ideal for everyday use anymore. It is to be noted that resetting an heirloom diamond ring without the permission or knowledge of its former holder is not proper etiquette. Some other reasons that your would-be bride can tell them so as to get their permission along with blessings for the same include:

  • The design of the ring does not flatter her finger type, personality, or her lifestyle
  • It requires frequent maintenance, which is really expensive
  • The design of the heirloom diamond ring does not go with the wedding band that she has chosen
  • She wants to make her engagement diamond ring even more special by adding the diamonds from her mother’s diamond engagement ring

Once you get their permission, take it to a credible appraiser and determine the actual worth of your sparkler. This process is very crucial if you plan to insure your heirloom diamond engagement rings. Additionally, you can also know the condition of your antique ring.

Note that antique diamond rings are more likely to be cracked or chipped. If you figure this out, you will get a clear idea about how to reset it in an engagement ring. That is, if you encounter a chipped girdle, consider a bezel setting in order to secure it from external shocks.

Remember that resetting heirloom diamond engagement rings is not as easy as doing it with newer diamond rings. It is to be noted that incredible craftsmanship, skills, and patience is important to deal with such antique diamond ring settings. So, choose your jeweler accordingly.