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The diamond embedded rings have become a symbol of love because it is now widely being used by many people around the world as engagement rings, and proposal rings, etc. Earlier, people used precious metal bands to symbolize the bond between the loved ones. Since the price of diamonds has reduced, it is now accessible to many people. In the beginning, there were only a few diamond cuts like the round cut, and emerald cut, etc. But now, there are so many options available for people looking for a diamond ring. In this article, we will discuss one of the trending designs of the diamond, that is, the heart shaped diamond.

Significance Of Heart Shaped Diamond

The heart shape is the universal symbol of love. Therefore, the heart-shaped diamond ring symbolizes eternal love and faith. It is one of the unique designs available in the market. Even if the availability of these diamond cuts is very low, it is one of the most demanded cuts in the world. These types of diamonds are used in making several ornaments and among them the engagement rings are the most popular. This design was invented during the 16th century and it was considered as a symbol of royal status.

The Cut Of Heart Shaped Diamonds

Since it is having a unique appearance, most of the people are not bothered about its cut quality. Even the certifying agencies like GIA has not described much about the cut quality of heart-shaped diamonds. However, buying this type of diamond is never a bad option. The heart shaped diamonds are available in both step cut and brilliant cut category. Among those, the diamond with a brilliant-cut is more popular in the market.

Unique Features Of Heart Shaped Diamonds

The symmetric design is one of the most unique features of the heart shaped design. Since it is having a complex design, sometimes, it may not appear symmetrical to our eyes. In addition to that, there are many other features in a heart shaped diamond to improve its aesthetic beauty. It is a type of design that is having both a cleft and a point, that is, this type of diamond has an inward-facing point on top and a sharp edge at the bottom. All these features make it a wonderful piece of diamond.

The heart shaped diamond is one of the unique and instantly recognizable diamond designs available in the market. Hence it is a better alternative for the normal diamond cuts for your engagement ring.