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Best Engagement Rings

When you are going to toss the question, you want it to be special. It has to happen in a lovely place with a romantic ambience, in a very surprising way with a beautiful ring. No matter how long the list of “Things to do” is, the most important part of a proposal will always be the ring, which means, it is more than okay if you spend hours or days, or even months trying to figure out the ring she would like. But, what ring is best for engagement?

The Best Engagement Rings For Her

The engagement ring you buy for her should represent her. It should speak volumes about her style and character. It should personify the bond and love you both share. Moreover, it should be outstandingly beautiful and otherworldly.


With changing times, people change too. Nowadays, you will find women clad in stylish clothes that are very different and uncontemporary. If your loved one belongs to this category, you should get her a non-traditional ring. You should steer clear of the typical center diamond and ring concept. You could get an antique modeled ring or a simple band with relatable writing. After all, being different is the trend now!


Even though your girl might be physically present in the 21st century, she might not necessarily be a lover of the era. If she owns Jane Austin’s novels, is an admirer of Pride and Prejudice- you should know that she loves the old romantic times. It will be best to propose to her in between old buildings where she would get the feeling of the previous eras. If she is a fan of Queen Elizabeth, get a ring from the Victorian era. If she is a romantic Jane Eyre devotee, get her a ring from the Georgian era.


Is your girlfriend very enthusiastic and outgoing? The chances are that she will love a vibrant and attention-catching ring with shining stones. If she is into gemstones, get a ring with her gemstone in the middle of the ring. You can also design the ring yourself to give it a personal touch. Sapphires and other stones are available in different colors. Knowing her style is the most important as it will help you choose the color she likes.


Some girls love when important things are personalized. In such cases, you would want to understand her likes and find out a ring design she would like. It could be a band or it can glow like the sun – but it must represent her.