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In the present day, engagement rings have become an inevitable part of the engagement ceremony. Since 1947 when De Beers made the slogan ‘A Diamond is Forever’, the engagements have been ruled by the presence of diamond engagement rings. There are so many kinds of engagement rings available today from which one will be able to select a ring of his/her choice.   

It will be in your best interests to present a unique and special engagement ring to your partner. If you know her tastes and interests beforehand, you will be able to make a customized engagement ring, which she will fall in love with. Personalizing the engagement ring will make it more attractive as well as significant for the partner.

Here are some ways in which you can make her ring so special that you she will cherish it always.

Install The Birthstones On The Ring

If you love to keep the engagement ring traditional and personal at the same time, installing the birthstone of your fiancé on the ring can be the best option before you. You may also opt for integrating both of your birthstones on the ring. This can either be done inside the ring, to be not seen directly or can be done along the shank of the band that makes the stones visible to everyone. You can also add sapphires on the band to get a more elegant look. You may also substitute the birthstones for any other gemstones that your partner would love.

Inscribe Your Love On The Diamond

This can be accomplished without spending much of your money. You can inscribe a phrase, name or date on the diamond. This will not be visible to the naked eyes and can be seen only through a 10x Magnifying Glass or Loupe. This can be made as a surprise to your partner.

Engrave On The Inner Ring Shank

Many of the couples today do the engraving on the wedding band. However, it is more wonderful to engrave the special thing on the engagement ring itself. You may engrave the date of your engagement or the wedding date or anything else in this manner.

Install Fancy Colored Diamonds

Unlike the other gemstones, the fancy colored diamonds are rare and very expensive. However, an array of small beautiful colored diamonds can increase the elegance of the ring. You may choose the color depending on her taste.

If you are preparing the engagement ring for your fiancé, make sure you follow these tips to gift the best ring that she would love instantly.