Diamond Rings
Wedding Set Guide

Choosing an engagement ring is a difficult task for many men as they are usually stuck between choosing the diamond that would please their woman and the one that they like. However, there is a remedy to this confusion- go for a wedding set or bridal set. The wedding set comprises of the engagement ring, a matching band for her and a band for the man. A bridal set, on the other hand, includes an engagement ring along with a matching band for the bride. Below is a guide to selecting the best combination of rings for your special days.

Wedding Sets

Wedding sets are beneficial in a way that there isn’t much confusion. If chosen separately, it would have taken a longer period of time to select the individual diamond rings. However, for wedding sets, the engagement rings and the matching band are already handpicked, making the decision-making process easier.

Decision Making: Potential Mistakes

During the selection of the right engagement rings for women, there are many possibilities for you to make a mistake. These are simple mistakes that people usually tend to make.

One of the first ones is that you could get the proportions wrong. The eyes are always drawn to the most attractive diamond among the bunch and hence we tend to purchase impulsively; only to find out later that the engagement ring and the band have a huge mismatch.

Sometimes, you may get attracted to the smaller diamond and go for small engagement rings. Later, you may choose a large wedding band in order to compensate for the size difference. However, remember that the small engagement ring might look awkward with a large wedding band. The diamond ring will look smaller in such a combination.

These mismatches could be avoided if you go with a wedding set. The selection is based on expert choices and experience. Therefore, there is no chance that the combinations could be wrong. It gives you a guarantee of selection while giving you the choice of selecting the one that pleases you the most.

Beautiful Combinations

Traditions have given way to new and welcoming changes. Nowadays, they have even started to include diamonds in wedding bands. If you want such style of bands, better opt for wedding sets.

The set will contain diamonds that will be matched in appearance and color. Besides, the designs on the wedding bands will compliment the design on the engagement ring and will fit the central stone.