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Engagements are a celebrated event in everyone’s life. As you spend your time and energy for the special diamond engagement rings, it is quite possible that you may have got the ring size wrong. This could also be due to the absence of the right size in the store. This can be solved by taking a few measures. Below is a discussion on how to deal with an excessively large engagement ring.

If You Have Access To Your Jeweler

Continuously consult your diamond gem dealer before dispatching your ring to another place to be processed further. Sending your wedding band to an outside diamond dealer will regularly bring about a void of your lifetime guarantee. This is on the grounds that one gem dealer can’t be considered responsible for another gem specialist’s work if something does not go as planned in the resize/fix process.

In case you are encountering trouble with finding the right size, take into account your finger shape. In the event that your finger is bigger at the knuckle, you will probably experience a loose ring at the base of your finger. This is on the grounds that the ring must be large enough to fit over your knuckle. If you are facing this situation, you are eligible for sizing beads. These are little balls at the back within the ring that nobody can see. They gently hold within your finger and keeps the ring sitting straight on your finger. This removes the possibility of side-to-side motion.

If You Need A Quick Remedy

In case getting to your gem dealer is not so easy, what do you do at that point? It is advisable to request a rubber ring size adjuster to wind around the internal back of the ring. You will also observe metal ring size adjusters that join along these lines, however, those will harm the metal rapidly by scratching along the band.

Make sure you keep the above factors in mind if you find that your ring size is too big for you.