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It is unthinkable for anyone to go devoid of the engagement ring on any occasion. The engagement ring is to be protected and worn all the days of one’s life. Though that is the case, it is suggestible to keep your engagement ring off your finger at certain times to protect it from any harm. Here are some places where you should avoid wearing your engagement ring. If you want your ring to remain beautiful and remarkable, it is necessary to note the following things.

Washing Up

It is not safe for you to wear your engagement ring while you are doing the dishes. There is a high chance for it to be washed away to the drain. Besides, the risk is very high when handling heavy pots, metal utensils, etc. The ring might suffer scratches and the gemstones may be affected.

The Gym

In the gym, the workouts will include the use of heavyweights and a lot of stress on your fingers. If you are careless about the ring on your finger, it may suffer damage by hitting somewhere or by being crushed under a heavyweight. For this reason, it is safe to remove the ring and keep it securely, before you start your exercise in the gym. This will give you peace of mind and assure the safety of the ring.

The Shower

Wearing the ring at the time of shower puts it at the risk of being washed away to the drain. You might not care for the ring while lathering up your body and in course of time, the ring may fall and be lost. Also, the ring can be damaged by some of the chemicals in the body washes or even by the body-scrubs.


Gardening is the time when your hands may get dirty. If you do not remove your ring before starting the gardening work, the dirt may enter and stick to the inside of the ring setting from where it will be very difficult to clean it. 


Wearing your engagement ring and swimming can be the greatest mistake you make of that sought. Whether it is in the pool, beach or spa, you must remember to remove your ring before swimming. In cold water, your fingers can shrink and the ring may slip off from your fingers even without your knowledge. While swimming in the pool or the spa, the ring may be affected by chlorine and other chemicals that are mixed in the water.

Avoid wearing your engagement ring in places where it is not safe to wear it so that you can preserve the beauty of the ring forever.