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When you buy a diamond, you need to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. Since most people are not professionals, they often make mistakes when they buy engagement ring. Even smaller mistakes could end up you buying a low-quality diamond. Therefore, if you do not want to lose your money and time, do enough research and look for diamonds that are higher in quality.

Here are some of the different ways in which an untrained eye can tell whether the diamond is high quality or not.

Having The Best Color Grade

A diamond with no color is considered to be higher in quality than a diamond with color. Color degrades the diamond’s quality, and some colors are more detrimental to brilliance than others. Brown and yellow-colored diamonds, for example, are very common, but red colors will significantly diminish the value of a diamond. There are some exceptions, such as red diamonds, in which they can genuinely raise the value, but these are uncommon. If you are looking for beautiful diamond engagement rings, the right thing to do is avoid colored diamonds.

Carat Weight Or Size Of The Diamond

The most straightforward visual indicator of a diamond’s quality is its size, while weight can be determined using a scale. A diamond weighing 1 carat will be much more expensive than a 0.75-carat diamond. However, all four C’s, as they’re known, should be taken into account. Carat weight, color, clarity, and cut are all important when buying a diamond.

Better Cut Quality 

When cutting diamonds, the cut must be done in such a way that light can escape properly. This is crucial even though poor cuts can end up causing light to refract in unexpected ways, reducing your diamond’s brilliance. If the diamond appears bright and “sharp,” the cut is likely to be of high quality. Make certain that the room has adequate lighting for observing the diamond. A high-quality diamond could only reflect a good light source, so if it has that sharp, bright gleam, you’re looking at a well-cut diamond.

Having A GIA Certification

The simplest way to confirm the diamond’s quality is by checking whether the diamond is certified by GIA. If it is, it will have an official GIA certificate and, in some cases, the GIA number engraved on it. The certification was created in part because judging the diamond’s quality from a glance is difficult, and most of us aren’t experts in determining a stone’s brilliance.