Diamond Engagement Rings
Engagement Ring Tips

Most couples think that a solitaire diamond engagement ring that flaunts a round brilliant cut diamond is the supreme option available. Note that round brilliant cut diamonds are so clichéd and extremely expensive when compared to the fancy diamond ring cuts. This is mainly because of its immense popularity. Plus, it is harder to shape a round brilliant cut diamond when compared to its fancy cut counterparts. On top of that, the rough diamond wastage is higher in case of a round cut diamond cutting process. Most people will be aware of all these facts and hence, may not find it surprising. Do you know that round diamonds tend to look smaller than fancy cut diamonds when it comes to its physical appeal and carat weight?

How to choosing the right diamond ring?

So, even though most people consider a round brilliant cut solitaire diamond ring as the best option as they begin their diamond ring hunt, their opinion is likely to change as they start exploring the world of diamond engagement rings more. Note that the main factor that you must consider while picking diamond rings is that it must compliment your style and personality.

After all, you are likely to wear it for the rest of your life. For this, it is recommended to parade several diamond ring stores and seek suggestions from different diamond ring jewelry experts. Additionally, do some online research as well to pick a diamond ring design that will look as fresh and appealing even after many decades. Some of the helpful points that you may consider in this case are listed below.

Halo diamond ring setting

A halo diamond ring set with a scintillating cushion cut diamond will be perfect for all for modern women who know they shine all the time. Plus, if you pair your halo diamond ring with the right outfit choices, people are likely to come to you for fashion advice. Needless to mention, you will always feel radiant while wearing such multi-stone diamond engagement rings. Depending on your lifestyle and budget, you may go for double or triple halo diamond rings as well. These options will be perfect for couples who love sophisticated and vintage designs.

Vintage beauties

Are you a person who is gifted to pick a gem out of any thrift shop or you tends to waste your money on modern diamond engagement rings since your style belongs to the vintage eras? This will not only let you bring back the old world charm but also will be of higher quality and unique. You can hardly spot any person flaunting authentic vintage diamond rings. Additionally, such rings will not only suit your vintage ensembles but also will lift the overall appeal of your classic look.