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Planning a wedding can be a hectic task considering the large number of things you have to take care of, from choosing a venue to selecting between different wedding dress styles, and that too in a way which fits your budget. A costly task involved in arranging your wedding is the purchasing of wedding ring, especially if you are choosing a diamond ring. You will have to select between wedding ring styles which is affordable for you.

But what if you can save money when purchasing a diamond ring with some simple tips? It does sound interesting, doesn’t it? Following are some tips which will help you to save money when you purchase your wedding ring.

Be strategic with the ring setting.

If you are a fan of large diamonds, but cannot afford it, here is a tip which will help you. Get a ring with halo setting, where there will be a cluster of small diamonds which gives it the appearance of a big diamond. It will fit your budget, at the same time gives an appearance similar to a large diamond.

Select a prong setting

Go for a prong setting instead of a bezel setting. The metal used for the prong setting will be minimal, so you have to spend less money on the metal. This setting will give more exposure for your diamond and allows more light to enter the diamond resulting in high sparkle and brilliance.

Go for pavé diamonds

If you want a flashy look that a big diamond provides, but do not have the budget for that, then you can fake such look with a pave diamond ring. For a pave setting, there will be small diamonds surrounding the entire ring. You can get maximum brilliance for your ring by selecting a smaller center stone and lining the entire ring with pave diamonds to give it a flashy look.

Avoid buying whole carat weight

Avoid buying diamonds with full carat weight. You can save a considerable amount if you select a diamond with 1.8 carats instead of 2 carats. These two will look almost similar in appearance but will have a great price difference.

You can also save money if you select a diamond with small blemishes or inclusions which cannot be easily spotted by naked eye. Diamonds with small yellow or brown tint will also be cheap. Another way to save money on ring is to choose gold or some other metals which are less costly than platinum. All these tips will help you save money on your wedding ring.