Diamond Engagement Rings
Important Diamond Facts

Fancy diamond cut can be defined as any shape that is not round. Needless to mention, round cut diamonds are the most popular options when it comes to diamond engagement rings. In fact, more than 70% of the diamonds produced in the industry are round. However, unlike olden days, millennial couples are steering away from this traditional diamond ring cut and are migrating towards fancy diamond cuts. After all, fancy cut diamond offers a wide range of opportunities to customize diamond rings. Note that fancy cut diamonds were introduced by jewelers to diversify the diamond industry and promote shapes other than round.

Additionally, you may choose a shape that complements your style and personality or the one that defines the wearer’s unique aesthetics in case of fancy cut diamonds. Some of the popular fancy cut diamonds in the field include princess cut, oval cut, emerald cut, marquise cut, pear cut, cushion cut, baguette, etc. If you are smitten by the charisma of any of these non-round diamond cuts and are looking forward to making it your own, below are two of the important points that you must note.

Ideal Diamond Ring Settings

Not every setting will complement the appeal of fancy cut diamond rings. One of the best diamond ring setting options for a fancy cut diamond is the three stone setting. Note that flanking a fancy cut diamond with round diamonds on each side will be perfect to accentuate the shape and appeal of the former. In fact, three stone fancy cut diamond engagement rings are all in rage these days. Other appealing diamond ring setting options for fancy cut diamonds include halo setting, bezel setting, tension setting, etc.

Perfect Metal Choice

You must be really choosy when deciding on the metal choice to mount your beautiful fancy cut diamonds. Note that certain fancy diamond cuts such as emerald, Asscher, baguette, etc., feature less number of facets and flat tables. Hence, they are likely to show off its inclusions and color tints. These flaws are likely to be more obvious or highlighted when set using a light-colored metal such as platinum, white gold, etc. Otherwise, you will have to go extremely high on the clarity and color grades and it will be way expensive.

On the other hand, if you have your eyes on a brilliant cut diamond such as princess, cushion, oval, radiant, etc., you can go for a light-colored metal since they tend to hide these imperfections pretty well. On top of that, the mirror-like reflection offered by platinum or white gold is likely to enhance the overall brilliance of your fancy cut diamond engagement rings.