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Love-knot designs are one of the most popular designs in the jewelry world. The design is adored for its visual beauty but more importantly for its symbolism. Such designs can be commonly found on earrings, on bracelets, rings or even pendants. The love-knots design is one of the trending designs in diamond engagement rings. Many people specifically seek out a love-knot design in their engagement ring settings because of its great symbolism.

The design is especially good for wedding rings as it forms a symmetrical pattern that allows the continuation of shanks around the circumference of the ring in an unbroken manner. It symbolizes the strength and permanence of love. So people choose this design to characterize their steadfastness in love in the form of a ring.

Symbolizes Love

This design is a symbol of never ending love between partners. The diamond engagement rings with love-knot design shows the strong bond between couples. This pattern does not have a definite beginning or end which made it a symbol for the eternity and constancy of love. Couples see the love-knot design in engagement ring settings as an emblem of their love that will last till the eternity.

When tracing the history of love-knot pattern it shows no specific beginning. The presence of this design was found in ancient Greek jewelry, Egyptian carved sculptures and also in Celtic artwork. The design is also referred to as Hercules knot or marriage knot. It was seen as a protective amulet in Rome and Greece.

During ancient period this design was also found on the protective girdles that are worn by brides and the phrase “tie the knot” might have derived from this custom. During the period of renaissance and also during the medieval times this design was used as a love token.

A Romantic Gesture

The love-knot has a special place in the history as it appeared regularly in many of the Literature works of that time. This particular design was also featured in folklore on sailors and life at sea. The sailors commonly used this design for wedding rings which will be usually tied with a gold wire.

Another important literary trope which gives reference to this design involves two young lovers tying a small tree limb in to the shape of a lover’s knot. The tree will be allowed to grow for a year and the branch to which the knot was tied will indicate the strength of the relationship. If the knot still holds it shows that the relationship will remain true and will endure the test of time.

Over the time love-knot has become one of the popular designs in engagement as well as wedding rings. The design is both beautiful and meaningful. Nowadays the design is mostly worn by women but during the Victorian era men were also used to wear this design. Since the ancient days this design remained as effective way to portray the romantic bond and love between couples.

The use of lover’s knot in rings existed form the ancient era itself. You can even find similarities between a love-knot ring which was made in the Victorian Era and the love-knot rings that are available today. Since the ancient times such rings were used as one of the most engaging gifts and were seen as great way to symbolize the strong sentiments of the human heart.

Even though the love-knot was associated with love and affection from antique days, the design has gained more popularity in the recent years. The lovers wear this ring to showcase their affection and commitment towards each other.

Today there are a variety of love-not designs that are featured on rings. The rings will have a knot most probably in the center which will continue to the rest of the ring. The love-knots can be created in different patterns. Such rings are available in different metals like gold, white gold, platinum etc. The love-knot designs can be further beautified with gemstones. The gemstones add a unique and magnificent effect to a love-knot design. It is one of the most famous designs in engagement and wedding rings.

When you choose a love-knot ring for your engagement or wedding it is not only about choosing an ornament but also about becoming a part of the tradition which is followed from the ancient times itself. ‘Tying the knot’ with a love-knot ring is the best way to declare your love.

The love-knot design has many variants. The design of such patterns varies from a simple figure eight design to stunning heart loops. Most of the designs will have two overhand knots which are interlocked to form a single knot. The arrangements of these knots will vary according to the design. However, the meaning every ring symbolizes is eternal love. If you want an ethnic touch to your wedding or engagement ring then don’t hesitate to get a love-knot ring.