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The adorable Rose cut diamonds had been adorned in the engagement diamond rings many centuries back. These diamond cuts were opted by many vintage-inspired diamond rings. Unlike the European cut diamond, they are picked and worn in glamour by quite many noted celebrities. Here are some reasons that make them so special.

Until the first parts of the 20th century, the old style diamond cut was in popularity since its inception in the 16th century. Inspired from the shape of a rose flower, the finely cut diamonds were seemingly named the rose cut diamond. However, with the advancement of technology in the field of diamond cutting, the making of rose cut diamonds eventually was affected. Other new cuts of diamonds were in introduced and celebrated in the time being. One of such new popular cut was of the round brilliant cut diamonds. Meanwhile, the charming rose cut diamonds were compelled to take a back seat.

Furthermore, the rose cut diamond is gradually back to the major front, as the diamond lovers are still opting for the vintage style diamond engagement ring. Generally, they are way more different from the modern typical diamond cuts, like say the trillion or oval cut diamonds. A faceted dome is craved in the upfront side of its flat base, whereas the newer lots possess a pavilion, which has a pointed back. The shape of rose cut diamond slightly differs, as their numbers of facets are generally from 3 to 24. 

The sparkle factor of the rose cut diamonds can be deemed as the most intriguing thing about it. With the innovative technologies in the diamond making, they were cut and shaped with the motive of returning the optimum level of light back to the viewer. On such notes, one has to agree to the general true fact that the rose cut diamond is to look transparent and a bit lifeless when compared with the round brilliant cut diamonds.

A favorite celebrity pick that adorns a beautiful rose cut diamond is of the one that was gifted by Justin Theroux to Jennifer Aniston back in 2012. Halo and solitaire designs are to look graceful and elegant and can be considered as a romantic option. Beyond the shadow of any doubts, the vintage diamond jewelry lovers are to choose for the amiable rose cut diamonds, if they really wish to go for a unique choice.