You would like to choose an engagement ring which best represents the beauty and power of love. The best token of love is arguably a three-stone engagement ring. There are other options too, like love knot engagement rings, but this jewelry design is more romantic than the infinity knot.

What Does A Three-Stone Engagement Ring Represent?

A three stone ring refers to a piece of jewelry with three gemstones. Also known as a trinity ring, the three gems in it represents the past, present and future of a relationship. It can also symbolize friendship, love and fidelity, but more popularly, it stand for the three timelines in a romantic relationship.

The center stone of this jewelry piece is usually bigger than the side stones. The centerpiece usually represents the present, while the ones on each side of it stands for the past and future. All the three gems can also be of the same size, but this design is rare because of how complex it is to pull off. Executing a trinity ring design with three gems of varying size is relatively easier than the one with the corresponding-sized stones.

How To Make A Trinity Ring Very Romantic?

Are you looking for some ways to make the piece of jewelry truly romantic, unique and more personalized than your standard ring? If yes, look at incorporating any or a combination of the following.

A Birthstone

The three-gemstone design is pretty common in the engagement ring market. However, it is possible to make it as one-of-a-kind as your individual love story by choosing gems of even shapes or different carats.

You might want to add any gemstone in the setting according to the birth month of your intended. For instance, if she was born in April, you might want to include a diamond in the three-stone setting flanked by opal and sapphire. This is because these three are April birthstones. If she is not born in April, and she is a fan of diamonds and wants a birthstone incorporated in the ring, then you are out of luck.

It is a romantic move to add birthstones in an engagement ring setting. Alternatively, you may also consider adding a gem that represents the month in which you met your fiancée. Or, the romantic detail in the ring could be in the form of a particular gemstone color that she prefers. It could be that she is a fan of a sports team, and wants that team’s jersey color as an element in the ring.

It is possible to design the romantic ring in whatever way you want: simple, bold, conventional or fully one-of-a-kind, but confirm that the jewelry piece best symbolizes your love. For this, you should get to know the tastes and preferences of your future bride.

Conventional Diamonds

Diamonds tend to be the main attraction of the trinity engagement ring setting. Many pick diamonds to symbolize the three timelines in their relationships because these gemstones are beautiful and rare. Diamonds are regarded as the best token of forever love owing to how durable these gems are. Like love, it is thought that diamonds are forever.

That said, not all love to wear three diamonds on their finger. By working with a designer, you can make the ring more unique, with a white diamond at the center flanked by two other colored gemstones.

Shape, Size And Symmetry

Remember that the gemstones you pick for the jewelry piece need not be of corresponding carat weights or equal proportion. Pick varying sizes for visual appeal, or have differently-cut diamonds put together for a striking setting. For instance, consider including geometric trillion-shaped gemstones along with a conventional round brilliant cut centerpiece, or couple the round-shaped sparklers with a marquise cut or ‘teardrop’ cut diamond. Play with multiple sizes or shapes for an engagement ring design, which best suits the personality of your fiancée.

A Stair-Step Diamond Setting

You may wish to have varyingly sized diamonds arranged in the ring band in the form of three steps. Think a design where every single diamond gradually shrinks in size, which gives the look of three steps arranged in order. It is possible to achieve this stair-step appearance with gemstone color too; this move will work well if you use diamonds. Go for a certain color gradient in the set of three gems to get a slight transition. To achieve the desired appearance, you will have to work with a designer.


One more area where you can add something personal is the engagement ring’s metal band. You can have engravings included on the inside of this band or on top of the metal element. You can incorporate symbols that remind you of a special moment with your lover. For instance, if you first met her at your graduation or post-graduation college, have the university crest engraved where you want it. At RockHer you can customize your dream ring from beginning to end will the help of our experts. There are a variety of options that are guaranteed to make this day an unforgettable one.