Engagement Rings For Women
Engagement Rings For Women
Engagement Rings For Women

Proposing to your loved one is one of the most beautiful and memorable moments in your life. You want to remember that moment for the rest of your life. That is why all of us want it to be perfect. People look for different ways to propose all the time. They find very innovative ways to propose to the love of their life. We want our loved ones to be surprised when we ask the question with that beautiful diamond engagement ring.

To see that surprised look on our sweetheart’s faces, many of us plan the whole event secretly so that our partner won’t see a proposal coming. One important thing you need to do is to hide the engagement ring. If your partner sees the ring, all surprise will be lost. Therefore, it is better to hide the engagement rings for women properly so that your partner won’t find them.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best places to hide the engagement rings before proposing.

On A High Shelf

If there is a spot in your apartment that your fiancé-to-be can’t reach, then it is the best place to hide the engagement ring. If you hide the ring on top of a high shelf, your fiancé-to-be won’t be able to reach there if she is not tall enough. The engagement ring will probably be safer on the high shelf of the linen closet of the kitchen pantry.

Hide It In Off-Season Wardrobe

Most people prefer hiding engagement rings in a man’s underwear or sock drawer. However, it is not an ideal spot because your fiancé-to-be could easily find the ring there. It is better to hide the ring in clothes that you are not currently using. For example, if it is summer season, hide the ring in your winter clothes.

Ask Your Friend To Hide It

Chances of your fiancé-to-be finding your engagement ring in another person’s house are incredibly rare. Therefore, it is a good idea to hide it in your close friend’s house. If you think that your house is not a safe place to hide the engagement ring, then the better choice is your friend’s house.

Hiding The Ring When You Propose

During your big day, it is very difficult to hide the ring. It is better to wear a loose coat with deep pockets during your date and hide the ring box there. You can also use a prop to hide the ring, like a carry bag or coffee cup.