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Diamond Settings For Children
Diamond Settings For Children

Diamonds are suitable for people of all age groups. Kids, teenagers, adults and seniors, all can wear diamonds but the styles of diamond jewelry for an age group will have significant differences between that of the other age group.

The comfort level we enjoy while wearing diamond jewelry is largely determined by the type of setting we choose. The setting type is also crucial in deciding the chances for the diamonds to fall off. In this article, we are discussing about the appropriate diamond settings for children. Security of the diamonds is a major concern when it comes to the jewelry of kids because they are super active, thereby increasing the chances for the diamond to fall off.

Bezel Setting

When asked about a diamond setting that holds the stone in place in the safest possible way, the answer of most experts would be the bezel setting. It covers the diamond all around its edges to hold it tightly in its place. If the kids’ jewelry has bezel setting, parents are freed from the worries of the diamonds falling off while kids play.

Bezel setting is quite smooth and does not have any sharp prongs. Hence the jewelry will not scrape sensitive skin or catch on the clothes or hair of the kids.

Flush Setting

In flush setting, the diamonds are set into the ring’s band. It is done by drilling small holes perfect for holding the stones into the band and placing the diamonds inside it. Flush setting gives better freedom for the jewelry designer to use designs that wouldn’t be possible in some other setting.

As the diamonds are set perfectly inside the band, kids will not injure themselves.

Channel Setting

Channel setting is also known for its safety like bezel and flush setting. In this setting, diamonds are set next to one another within a channel that is carved out of the ring band. The style is usually seen in wedding bands and fashion rings but it is perfect for kids as well. The setting does not have any prongs that may catch on clothes or cause scratches on the delicate skin of kids.

The key considerations while choosing ring settings for people of different age groups vary from one another. If brilliance and attractiveness are the key features most adults look for in their diamond jewelry, parents often regard safety as the primary concern when it comes to diamond jewelry for their kids.