Diamond Ring

Most of the round shaped diamonds are categorized as brilliant cut gemstones. They have 58 facets if you count the culet, the small portion on the bottom of a diamond’s pavilion. Its side or girdle is faceted, but they are not included in the total number of facets on a round diamond.

A diamond ring brilliant cut usually refers to one that features a round gemstone at the center, and with or without accent stones. The solitaire rings paved with round brilliant diamonds available in the jewelry stores is a good example of that. However, not many people know that only round shaped diamonds are categorized as brilliant cuts, and modified brilliant diamonds also exist in the market.

As the name implies, modified brilliant diamonds feature customized cuts or fancy cuts. Think of oval cut, pear, and marquise shaped diamonds as examples of modified brilliant cuts. There is an array of others too. Still, the most timeless and popular one is the round brilliant diamond.

These diamond cuts with a perfect symmetry between the pavilion or its bottom part and table or top part are categorized as “Ideal” cuts. They can be rare to find in the market, have the best light performance, and are expensive, of course.