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In February 2022, TV personality Vicky Pattisonbecame engaged to marry Ercan Ramadan. In Dubai, Ramadan proposed marriage to her with a stunning diamond ring. The emerald-shaped solitaire diamond ring cost Ramadan about £200,000, as per a British jeweler.

Choosing a bold yet simple look, Pattison is not the lone celebrity to boast an eye-catching and simplistic engagement ring with one attention-grabbing stone. Lindsay Lohan, Kourtney Kardashian, Sophia Bush and Simone Biles have all been spotted with solitaire diamond rings.

Female celebrities are getting these rings as they showcase the full potential of the gemstone and are statement pieces. The style also provides versatility with regard to choosing wedding bands. Largersolitaire rings have become more popular than halo diamond engagement rings over the last few months.

The word solitaire means a ring set with one diamond, grabbing the full attention of the viewer with superior sparkle. The setting better highlights the sparkle of a diamond than a trinity diamond setting or a halo diamond style does. It has long been a popular engagement ring style. It also explains why a solitaire diamond makes for a statement piece and why several celebrities wear it.

Singer Adele also sparked engagement speculation as she rocked a solitaire diamond ring to the 2022 BRIT Awards ceremony. Expert jewelers valued Adele’s ring at about $9,70,000, as it boasts a huge diamond with a teardrop shape and a delicate silver band. It resembles the new ring of Pattison in some aspects.

Adele also rocked the ring as she made a Graham Norton Show appearance later and remained coy as the show’s host asked her whether it signified her engagement. Adele told Graham Norton that she would tell everybody when she gets engaged.

Engagement rings appear fantastic with fancy-shaped solitaire diamonds, which are in demand these days. Oval, pear and emerald-cut diamonds make the finger look longer, so those are popular options in the market. The lack of the halo setting means that the shape of the stone stands out even more.

A solitaire diamond has the sort of simplicity that offers a bit of versatility when picking a wedding ring that goes with it, versus the halo design. Whether it is a rose gold solitaire engagement ring or any other single-diamond band, this piece is usually set delicately with diamonds for more sparkle. A matching wedding ring with a diamond goes well with that band.