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Emerald Cut Engagement Rings
Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Are you looking for a beautiful, fancy, and popular engagement ring? Then choosing an emerald cut engagement ring is the best option. The color intensity and the appeal of the diamond in an emerald cut engagement ring are very beautiful and elegant. Choosing between a round cut diamond ring and an emerald cut diamond ring is a hard process. Here we will help you to understand the benefits of buying an emerald cut engagement ring.

Great Appeal

The main advantage of an emerald cut diamond engagement ring when compared to a round cut diamond, the stone of the emerald cut ring creates an illusion of a larger diamond. This is because emerald cut diamonds has larger facets and the unique step cut patterns. Therefore, if your top priority is the size of the diamond, then you can choose an emerald cut engagement ring without hesitation.

Beautiful And Unique Design

The emerald cut became very popular among people mainly because of its unique design. The beautiful and unique design of the emerald cut diamond makes the wearer stand out from the rest. The emerald cut is perfect for those who prefer more subtle, chunky and gaudy styles. The design of the diamond is very extravagant, making the ring very classy and attractive.

Smooth Surface Of The Stone

The emerald cut diamonds are crafted with an angled cut. That allows the diamond to have a smoother surface. Most of the other diamond cuts have several facets and angled cuts to enhance the brilliance of the diamond. But in emerald cut diamonds, the smoothness in the cut only increases the clarity and color of the gemstone. This also improves the overall appeal of the emerald cut engagement rings.

Colorful Flashes

It is true that emerald cut diamonds do not have brilliant flashes as that of a round cut or princess cut diamond. But the emerald cut diamond displays brilliant flashes of light when its facets are aligned in the right proportions and angle. This makes it a perfect choice for couples who want an unconventional yet attractive diamond ring for their engagement.

Less Expensive

Emerald cut diamonds have large facets and step cut patterns. This makes the diamond to appear bigger than its actual carat weight. That means if you are holding a 1 carat round cut diamond in one hand and 1 carat emerald cut diamond in the other hand, you will feel that the emerald cut diamond is slightly bigger than the round cut diamond. But the price of the emerald cut engagement ring will be lower than the round cut one.