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Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Emerald cut being one of the most unique and elegant cuts of diamond, is a perfect example for step-cut diamonds. It has rectangular shaped facets that are very small in size and looks very similar to steps. The stones that are been cut in this fashion would be having an elongated body and rectangular shape that imparts a special appeal to them.

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings have good sparkle and brilliance in a subdued way. Because of the shape, they appear to be large than most other cuts of diamonds – loose emerald cut diamonds would be bigger than round brilliant cut diamonds of the same carat weight. Emerald cut diamonds that are commonly found in the market have a square and rectangular shape.

While buying loose emerald cut diamonds, the best option is to go for diamonds that have high clarities as reduced brilliance would make it difficult to hide the inclusions in a diamond. Emerald cut diamonds that are colored appears good than colored diamonds that have other shapes. So, it won’t be an issue even if you choose an emerald cut diamond of a lower color. Selecting an emerald cut diamond of lower color helps you in saving money even if you have to spend more money on good clarity.

Origin of the Cut

The origin of emerald cut trace back to 1500s and many modifications have been done on an emerald cut since this. As time passed, emerald cut gained so much popularity, mainly with the rise of Art Deco. This particular cut was useful in decreasing the pressure during the process of cutting and thus decreased the presence of chips in diamond stones. The term “emerald cut” was been used during the 1920s as it became very famous during those times.

The symmetry and clear lines of this cut were been loved by people which made most of them get jewelry sets along with emerald cut diamonds to go with the trend. Since then, the emerald cut had remained to be trendy as well as popular choice for the women around the globe.

Best Settings for Emerald Cut Diamonds

This particular cut of diamonds usually goes with many varieties of diamond settings. Halo and solitaire are the two most common settings of this. The elegance of emerald cut diamonds make it a good choice for making it the center stone in these two settings.