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Gold Engagement Rings
Gold Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are an important piece of jewelry in any person’s life because it is a reminder of that special event. This is especially true about women’s engagement rings, and the two important aspects of a ring design are the stones used and the band material. Two of the popular choices for metals are gold and platinum, the former is more widely used than the latter because it is available in a wide array of colors and karat options. In this article, we will discuss the various aspects of gold engagement rings.

A Brief Introduction To Gold

Gold is the most widely used precious metals used for making wedding and engagement rings because of the wide variety of options available compared to platinum or sterling silver. One of the biggest advantages of using gold is that it is available in various colors, and this is achieved by mixing with other metals in different ratios. Because of this, it is also available at several price points that suit your budget for gold engagement rings.

Gold Purity

Pure gold, i.e. 24 karat is a soft metal compared to other precious metals, and its hardness is about 2.5 on Mohs hardness scale. Because of this, jewelers combine it with other metals to create stronger alloys that durable. The purity of gold is measured in karat (k) value and it tells how much gold is present in the jewelry. 24k gold is 24/24 gold or pure gold, and it is the most expensive option for any gold jewelry. But most engagement rings are made using 18k or 18/24 gold and 22k or 22/24 gold. These are less expensive than pure gold and have better durability. Moreover, 14k and 10k gold engagement rings are also available.

Colors Of Gold

As already stated, jewelers mix pure gold with other metals to create alloys to improve the durability of ornaments. Yellow gold engagement rings are one of the most popular options globally in different cultures. Jewelers use metals like zinc, nickel, and copper to create different colors of gold.

Yellow Gold: Gold alloys that contain fixed amounts of copper and silver have this warm golden color that we are familiar with. It is used in many traditional jewelry designs and complements diamonds, sapphires, and other gems.

Rose Gold: This rosy color is obtained when pure gold is mixed with copper, and it is an ideal choice to complement the colors of precious stones like ruby, pink sapphires, and diamonds.

White Gold: This color is slightly warmer than platinum, and is made by mixing gold with nickel and silver.

On a final note, the choice between different gold engagement rings depends on your taste and the durability required by the wearer.