Engagement Ring Styles
Engagement Ring Settings

A perfect engagement ring could be made from choosing a brilliant and magnificent diamond together with a spectacular ring setting. Another thing that matters is that the ring should perfectly match the person wearing it.

Finding or choosing a perfect engagement ring is a bit of a difficult task. The long process requires many things to consider like the diamond shape, color, carat weight, its setting, and a lot more. Below is a guide of the most popular engagement ring settings and styles, which you can choose for your dream ring.

Channel Setting

The channel setting uses a thicker metal to keep the small diamonds safe in the ring band. This beautiful ring design does not have any prongs to hold the side stones. Some of the channel set diamond rings even come without a center stone.

Three Stone Setting

Just as its name suggests, this awesome setting has three stones that are set close together. This ring would look good either with a large center stone and smaller side stones or with three stones of equal sizes. You could also use a different side stone other than diamond here. The most common diamond shapes used in this setting are round and princess cut.

Solitaire Setting

The solitaire setting has a single diamond center stone. This setting has been capturing the hearts of many for years. This is made for those with a simple but crisp taste. Since this ring usually features a diamond centerpiece, most people start their selection by considering the diamond shape.

Bezel Setting

This awesome ring setting could give your ring a much modern look. In this setting, you would be able to find a metallic ring that encircles the centerpiece gemstone. This ensures the safety of the center stone by protecting it from chipping or any other physical harm, which is why bezel setting is best suited for people with an active lifestyle.

Tension Setting

In the tension setting, it is actually the pressure induced by the metal band, which secures the diamond. This ring displays the diamond as if it is suspended in air between the ends of the metal band. You would be able to use any diamond shape with the tension setting. However, the princess cut and round cut works the best with this setting. The main advantage of this setting is that it enhances the fire and brilliance of the diamond.