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There are numerous engagement ring styles and settings that you can consider when buying a sparkler. Note that each style holds different symbolism, which is one good reason to pay attention to that side of things when choosing your engagement diamond ring setting. The Celtic knot design, for instance, is one of the most popular engagement ring styles there is. Remnants of a bygone era, they are vivid reminders of Celtic culture, and currently popular among people looking for truly unique ring designs.

Actually, these are completely looped knots that do not have any particular beginning or end. Hence, they are used to represent eternity. The main highlight of these designs is that only a single thread is used, in order to represent the relationship between life and eternity. You can gift a Celtic knot ring to your partner to portray your unending love, friendship, commitment, or faith. Below are some in-depth details regarding the Celtic knot engagement ring styles.

Celtic Patterns

Celtic designs are a proud symbol of cultural heritage. Many couples love including amazing Celtic designs on their engagement rings, so as to make their relationship eternal. There are mainly four types of Celtic patterns, with each carrying its own definition.

Knotwork Interlace

This is the most common type of engagement ring type that people choose when it comes to Celtic designs. It represents the interconnection between your place on earth and the universe. Two popular examples of this pattern are Lover’s Knot and Trinity Knot. As the name indicates, the former symbolizes the enduring love between two people.

When it comes to a Trinity diamond engagement ring, you would have three loops or knots. These three are known to define the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. However, trinity knots in the modern era are usually used to represent many other characteristics such as love, friendship, commitment, dedication, etc.

Celtic Spirals

This type of pattern is used to represent the accomplishments of an individual, as well as his personality. The representation may differ in various cultures. In the ancient Celtic culture, a single spiral was used to represent the sun, and a double spiral symbolized the equinox. Alternately, it signifies the oneness of unity and spirit or simply, the union of two souls.

Step Pattern

Celtic step patterns are used to represent the progression or development in the life of a person; hence the name. Ancient people used step patterns to represent the relationship between the kingdoms of the earth and heaven as well.