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Among the more unconventional engagement ring designs that people have adopted over the centuries, the love knot is one that bears taking a really close look at. A timeless style that dates back to periods in human history where myths were a huge part of daily lives, the knot symbolizes everlasting love, devotion, and a lot more.

For the romantic, it is much easier to see love knots as a representation of intertwined hearts. The more elaborate the design, the more connected each lover is to the other. For the jewelry buyer that has purely aesthetic inclinations, knots are a versatile element that never goes out of style. Simply put, they look good with just about anything a person could choose to wear.

When you think of it, love knots are a lot like charm bracelets, serving up a classic as well as stylish accessory for the wearer to show off. Since they come in a range of sizes and styles, it is possible to pair them with just about any outfit. A cocktail dress, or a tee and jeans; you name it, and a love knot ring can be found that goes wonderfully with it.

Who Invented the Style?

Despite there being not enough historic data available about love knots, you see it mentioned plenty in mythology, which probably drove their popularity in the first place. They say that fishermen back in the 18th Century used these knots to remember loves ones when they set out to sea. Other people assigned different meanings to wearing love knots, but the gist of it was always symbolic of love.

Famous People That Wore Love Knots through History

Hollywood was one place that love knots quickly took on, with many movie characters featured wearing them. One of the finest recent examples is the Algerian Love Knot worn by Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale. Even celebrities and famous personages have been sported rocking the love knot design, such as former First Lady Jackie Kennedy, who wore a bangle bracelet shaped as a love knot while visiting the Greek Royalty in 1961.

For the average person who can muster the cash for it, a love knot engagement ring is a great way to show how much love they have for the person they give it to. The concept is simple but deep, and bound to be cherished as long as it is given to the right person.