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A cushion cut diamond is a combination of square cut with rounded corners. This makes them look like pillows and hence the name. It is in fact, a combined style that includes modern and round brilliant cut pattern diamond and a classic pattern of old mine facet. Typically, such a diamond has a rectangular or a soft square profile with curved edges. Below is a discussion on the cushion cut engagement ring styles.

A cushion-cut diamond usually costs less than a round brilliant diamond. there might be a slight variation on the rates due to the changing demands.

GIA Certifications for Cushion Cuts

Like every other precious gemstones and diamonds, you also have to look into diamond certification very carefully before you invest in them. Generally, it is advisable to use certified diamonds issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). It is the most trusted diamond laboratory in the world, making it trustworthy. If you check the GIA certification carefully, you will not require to listen to what the salespersons of the store have to say. The GIA offers an unbiased, reputable analysis of the diamond. Important factors like cut, clarity, color, and carat weight are analyzed in this.

Choosing a Cushion Cut Diamond

Below are some of the factors you need to consider while buying a Cushion Cut Diamond:

Cushion Cut Diamond Color: Choose H or Better

Cushion and radiant cuts are among the best shapes of fancy color diamonds out of all choices available. Therefore, it is advisable to choose H or better color grade while purchasing a cushion cut diamond, unless it is going to be set in rose gold( In this case, you may use J or K grade of diamond color).

H grade diamond color is a good purchasing option for the price it carries. It is also one among the most popular choices due to its balance in price and color. If you explore the choices, you will discover that there is a significant rise in the price as you move from one color grade to the next. The H falls in the medium range.

H diamonds are not completely colorless, but they are nearly colorless with a slight yellowish tent in most cases. In case you decide to set this in yellow or rose gold, it is almost impossible to notice.

Cushion Cut Diamond Clarity

Stick to SI2 or SI1 Clarity for the Best Value

As cushion diamonds are characterized by an open table, it might be very difficult to find a clean SI2 diamond. This means that you may have to pay more and end up buying a higher clarity of a stone.

Cut Parameters for Cushion Cut Diamonds include less than 70% Depth, less than 70% table, Good, Very Good, or Excellent polish, and a length to width ratio of your choosing.

You may notice that these parameters are extremely loose. Remember that in the case of cushion cut diamonds, you will not be able to assess the quality of the stone’s cut by looking at its numbers. The length to width ratio is the proportion between length and width. It is a good indicator of the appearance of the diamond when looked at from the top. It also determines the size of the diamond when observed.

Polish is another grade that is noted in the lab certificate. It tells you the depth of polish that has been applied to the diamond’s facets. It usually has a very small impact on the diamond.

Symmetry is yet another important parameter of the diamond. It shows you how well the symmetry of the shape has been executed by the cutter. Both Symmetry and Polish are usually in the Very Good grade.

Further, when you analyze the carat of the cushion cut, you can notice that there are differences within the price points as the carat weight changes. Carat weight is a measure of the mass of the diamond. As the weight increases, the price also goes up. This is because larger sized diamonds are more in demand than the smaller ones.

The Cushion Cut – As Popular As It Is Misunderstood

After the Round brilliant cut and the princess cut, the cushion cut is said to be the most popular. It is more popular than ever. There are several reasons behind this. They bring a high level of elegance to the wearer’s fingers. Besides, they also display a high level of brilliance similar to that of round diamonds.

The Differences Between Standard And Modified Cushions

There are two main types of cushion cut— Standard and Modified Cushions, although their difference is extremely small and technical. They also have a minimal effect on the overall appearance of the diamond. While Standard Cushions have been in use for a long time, the Modified Cushions are made out of modern changes in original cushion cut facets.

Make sure you consider the above facts about the cushion diamonds before purchasing the cushion engagement ring styles.