Diamond Engagement Rings
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Diamond engagement rings mark the beginning of an eternal and beautiful relationship between two people. What will be a better option than captivating diamond knot ring for this? Speaking of diamond knot rings, they got their name from their unique knot design. In this type of rings, a single thread will be entwined in such a way that it creates beautiful knots that cannot be separated. Hence, knot diamond rings are often used to symbolize eternity or an inseparable bond.

Furthermore, the tradition of gifting knot diamond engagement rings to your partner is centuries old. Still, it is very much in vogue. What’s more, there are different types of diamond knot rings depending on the type of the loop design. If you are planning to choose a knot diamond ring for your significant other, below are some of the popular and meaningful options that you may consider.

Lovers Knot Diamond Rings

This is one of the most popular knot diamond ring designs. Here, a metal thread is entwined at the middle of the ring in such a way that it creates a heart shape. No wonder, lovers knot diamond rings are regarded as the best option for proposals. You can also use heart knots as accents or you may highlight it using another metal choice, depending on your personal style. Adding glittering gemstones to this beauty will surely make your sparklers pop.

Trinity Knot Diamond Ring

Trinity knot diamond rings feature three elongated knots entangled with each other. Here, each knot represents friendship, love, and passion respectively towards your partner. Note that all these three factors are regarded as the foundation of a healthy relationship, and hence, this will be the best option for engagement and wedding rings. Usually, trinity diamond rings will not be that sparkly, unlike other diamond rings. It usually flaunts a small diamond at the center point of the three knots. So, this type of rings will be the perfect choice if you adore simple engagement rings.

Infinity Knot Diamond Ring

The main highlight here is that the knot design does not have a beginning or an end. Therefore, infinity knots are used to indicate eternity or the circle of life. Usually, infinity knot designs are either given at the center or at the sides of the main gemstone. Entrusting diamonds on infinity knot diamond rings are actually up to the personal choice of the wearer. If you love something extremely resplendent, you can embellish the entire design with tiny diamonds. Otherwise, keep it simple by displaying a single diamond at the center.