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A lot of people planning to get engaged, see it as important that they get uniquely styled rings to show the world how one-of-a-kind their relationship is. No one can really fault that sentiment, which has been strong enough over the past few decades to give rise to a variety of resurging styles, such as the Irish Claddagh ring.

First off, a Claddagh engagement ring does not assign as much importance to diamonds – any gem would do, so long as enough of the design aesthetic follows tradition. You do not need Irish roots to appreciate the simple beauty and symbolism present in these things either. Basically, a Claddagh ring promises loyalty, love, and friendship towards your partner for the rest of your days, and it does this in a quaintly beautiful way.

Emerald Claddagh engagement rings are very popular right now, considering people widely associate Ireland with the gem due to its sprawling green landscape. Combining the Claddagh design with an emerald stone is a good way to give an old-fashioned appeal to your ring. All the better if your sweetheart has her birthday in May, the months whose birthstone is emerald. Aside from that, it is popular belief that a woman wearing an emerald all through her life would spend her days happy and content.

The emerald happens to be second on the list of most precious stone, right there under diamond. The best thing about using it in jewelry is that because it has a higher probability for flaws, the number of these does not affect the value of any stone by much. In fact, the inclusions are responsible for bringing more vibrancy to the gem, which makes it much more appealing to put on a ring meant for an engagement proposal.

When choosing an emerald Claddagh engagement ring, pick out the band metal first. Would you like a piece made in platinum, white gold, or yellow gold? Give priority to quality over price, and before deciding on a brand or stone, do through research. The ring should be authentic, in that it should have been made in Ireland and not some other country. That is the one thing, which you cannot compromise on – in fact, it is the only thing, which makes yours a Claddagh ring. Make sure you only buy from a reliable jeweler who can guarantee their rings’ authenticity.