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With lofty demand from to-be-wed ladies who desire one of a kind pieces, independent jewelers and brands are accepting the challenge of creating such jewelry. Those future fiancées will be glad to see jewelry designers creating genuinely new ring trends. In case you are seeking an alternative engagement ring, take a look at some of these trend predictions from Rockher. You may also get more details about various diamond sizes and trends from

Unique Diamond Shapes

Today’s brides are finding out that beyond the conventional cuts, there is an array of different options. The triangular trilliant-cut diamond is usually used as diamond accents in trinity settings, but it is more appealing for solitaire pieces. The shield-shaped diamond is commandingly present even in simpler engagement ring settings. Expect to also see much more elliptical marquise-shaped diamonds next year than in 2019.

Unusual Colored Gems

Over the last ten years, the jewelry segment has seen a sudden increase of color, with jewelers experimenting with gems in numerous hues, plus previously less-know stones, like Paraiba tourmaline becoming popular. The classic colored gemstones, blue sapphires, and red rubies continue to be the trendiest options for a ring engagement. However, for brides who seek an original piece, looking at the range of gemstones, and searching for the odder hues, will be a more and more attractive prospect next year.

Step Cuts

One among the oldest existing diamond cuts is emerald, so saying that it is becoming popular seems rather counterintuitive. In the last year, noticing its come back to prominence has not been possible. The same goes for the changes in the tradition that the resurgence in the emerald shape’s popularity has caused. Setting the stone east-west to make it sit across the wearer’s finger, is uncommon without being way too unusual. Another step-cut option to consider is the diamond baguette. Leaner and longer compared to the emerald shape, baguettes are more frequently used as accents on the sides of the centerpiece.

Salt and Pepper Diamonds

These stunning diamonds with naturally occurring gray speckles are known for the inclusions. These imperfections are the unique selling proportion of these gemstones, unlike the case of traditional ones where these are thought of as a minus point. Seductive and smoky, these diamonds are proving to be more and more popular.

Intricate Halos

These are another trend we expect to see much more next year. Think the engagement ring of model Cressida Bonas from longtime boyfriend Harry Wentworth-Stanley. That is a vintage-inspired ring with nods to the style of the 1920s, Art Deco. It is still one of the popular Engagement ring styles.