Romance and engagement rings are closely connected with each other. The connection between the ring design and romance is obvious, and it is elevated by specific elements fashioned into the jewelry piece. We have compiled five ring designs, appropriate for engagement, with a romantic touch. We will explain every single design mentioned here, and why it could be considered to be among the most romantic choices.

Love Knot Ring

Love knot engagement rings are among the most romantic Valentine’s Day special jewelry pieces out there. There are many different forms of love knot rings, including the ones without any gemstone, and those where the metal bands are twisted to form the romantic symbol.

The relation of knots to the symbolisms of friendship, affection and love traces back to ancient times. Throughout the past few centuries, however, knots have most often been considered a token of the relationship between lovers. No matter which form of love knot ring you choose, this connection will be there. So the choice comes down to one simple matter: your taste. Consider which one you prefer more between a plain love knot ring and one with gemstones set in it.

Heart Cut Solitaire  

The ring design with a single heart-shaped diamond becomes more popular, particularly around Valentine’s Day. It is a one-of-a-kind statement of romance. The heart brilliant cut gemstone is set into an engagement ring in the most classical way.

Who would not wish to propose marriage with the universal and the ultimate token of love? The diamond has a brilliant cut and it is one of the fancy shapes. It gives off an amazing amount of shine. For your information, any diamond shape other than the round brilliant is described as a ‘fancy’ shape. Symmetry is the key to a diamond with this shape. For a distinct shape, select a diamond having symmetric halves, plus a cleft amid the stone’s widest point, known as the girdle.

Heart diamonds often show the shape better with bigger sizes. Are you looking for a heart form that is more pronounced? If yes, think about choosing a bigger size for the stone.

The Two- Diamond Heart

The two diamond ring setting may not be as popular as the trinity setting, but it looks amazing when the heart shape is chosen for both stones. There is a wide variety of two-stone diamond heart rings for you to pick from. Consider choosing a ring with a heart-cut diamond facing one way and another heart-shaped stone facing the opposite way. Another option is a ring where smaller round diamond accents line the shank, while a twisting precious metal band covers the centerpiece stones. The part where it wraps the two stones is a symbol of a romantic embrace.

Ring with Heart Diamond Accents

Above, we looked at rings with heart diamond used as the solitaire or as part of the dual-stone setting. Now, why not consider choosing the heart shape for accent diamonds? For added protection, you can think about having these small diamonds held in place by metal claws. For an uninitiated, accent diamonds refer to small stones that are set around the center stone of an engagement ring.

The prongs offer added protection for the centerpiece, and an odd design part for people who prefer to avoid the strong and obvious silhouette of the heart-cut stone.

Heart Cut Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

For romantic opulence, why not consider selecting a jewelry piece with a cluster of heart cut diamonds set around a round brilliant cut diamond? Besides encircling the centerpiece gemstones, these small heart-shaped diamonds are also encrusted on the engagement ring band. This engagement ring setting is known as the ‘micro-pavé’.

It makes the ring an attention-grabbing piece and one that people will consider extremely impressive. The diamond accents together form the heart shape, and these encircle the round brilliant diamond. The accent diamonds will make the center stone that much more noticeable.

This is a smart use of this shape while keeping the classic shine and brilliance of a perfectly-cut and round-shape diamond at the center.

The Love Message Engraved Band

This is an engagement ring in its simplest form. You can have a plain ring band engraved with your romantic message of choice, which captures every sentiment. Do not choose diamonds for this type of engagement ring. Besides, be sure that the jeweler you choose for the work engraves your message on the inside of the ring.

With no detail or diamonds incorporated into it, you can have a personal message inscribed on a plain ring as a sincere mark of true love. Make sure that you choose a jewelry designer who can do this with prudence. By having an engagement ring designed in this way for your fiancée, you can not only save a lot of money but also win her over easily.