Diamond Engagement Rings
Engagement Ring Styles

While shopping for engagement rings, you can get overwhelmed by the variety of choices available for you. There will be a plethora of engagement ring styles that you can choose from, which varies in diamond shapes, color, the metal of the band, settings and design of the ring, etc. However, every ring will not be suitable for everyone. You have to select a ring that will match your finger shape, size and complexion.

The common diamond cut shapes include round, princess, emerald, cushion, heart, Asscher, radiant, oval, pear, etc. You have to choose a shape that will flatter your fingers, so that it brings out the beauty of your ring as well as your hands. Following are some suggestions that will help you to select a perfect ring that will complement your fingers.

Short Fingers

It is better to choose diamonds with longer shape for short fingers so that it will give an elongated look for your fingers. Shapes like oval, pear and marquise are some great options for such fingers. A narrower band will also give you an illusion of length, hence look for engagement ring styles with thin bands if your lifestyle allows it.

Diamonds with smaller size is better for this type of hands, as they will appear bigger on smaller hands. As you can save on the carat weight, you can give more focus on theclarity and color of the diamond.

A pear cut will be flattering for this hand shape, as it has a rounded center and tapered point, hence it lengthens the short fingers. A marquise-cut stone that is set vertically can also add an elongated effect for your hand. Small round and princess cut diamonds will also suit these hands. However, it is better to avoid large round, heart and emerald shapes.

Long Fingers

People with long fingers have the liberty to choose bold and dramatic designs. Bigger stones will also suit this type of fingers. Round and princess cut diamonds set on a thicker band create a wonderful choice for them, and if you want to try something new other than these traditional engagement ring styles, you can go for emerald-cut diamonds.

People with long fingers are very lucky as they will get a wide range of options. Such fingers will allow you to explore choices that are off the beaten track. Popular choices for long fingers include round, oval, emerald, cushion, Asscher and princess-cut diamonds. It is advised for them to avoid marquise, radiant and pear shapes.

Slim Fingers

When it comes to engagement ring styles, people with slim fingers are really blessed as most of the designs will match them. Therefore, you can choose almost anything that will match your personality and lifestyle. If your fingers are both slender and short, a narrow pear or marquise-cut diamond will look great on you, as they will give an elongated as well as wider look for your fingers.

The best choice for slim fingers includes round, princess, cushion, emerald, pear and oval. It is recommended to avoid radiant and heart shape for these fingers.

Wide Fingers

If your fingers are wide it is better to avoid narrow stones that show too much skin on either side of the stone, as it will add more width to your hands. Hence, bulkier diamonds that reveal only a small amount of skin on both sides will suit them more, as it will slenderize these fingers. Avoid dainty shapes that will look too frail on such fingers.

Most suitable shapes for people with wide fingers include round diamond with cluster, pear, oval, marquise (set horizontally), pear and princess. Angular and asymmetrical shapes will also look great on them. Shapes to avoid include emerald and marquise diamonds that are set traditionally.

Small Hands

Opt for smaller stones that will keep the diamonds proportional to your hands. Smaller round, princess or heart-shaped diamonds are some wonderful options. Delicate rings will flatter very small fingers. If you want to have a petite engagement ring, pair it with a wider and bulkier wedding band to create a chunkier look.

Big Hands

Avoid choosing slender designs, as they will look too small on your hands. Select bigger stones for flattering fleshier hand. It is also better to look for wider bands, instead of thin and petite bands, as they can complement your hand shape brilliantly. Big and bold designs are a great option for you.

Square Hands

If your hands and fingers have square shape, your aim should be to soften the angular look. Flowing and feminine designs will be helpful to achieve this goal. Opt for round, pear or oval cut diamonds. It will be wise to avoid square shapes like a princess cut.

Hands with Big Knuckles

If you are tired of your big knuckles, don’t worry, as the right ring will draw the attention away from them. Choose heavier and thicker bands. You can choose bigger stones that will give a bulkier look for your diamond rings.