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White Gold Engagement Rings
White Gold Engagement Rings

Yellow gold and white gold are two popular options in engagement rings. Both of them have different characteristics. If you are not sure about what is right for you, here we list some important facts about both yellow gold and white gold.

White Gold

As gold is a soft metal, different alloys are added into it for increasing the durability. White gold contains alloys that have a silver color. It includes nickel and palladium. It is then plated with rhodium for giving the white color.

Properties Of White Gold:

The following are some of the important properties of white gold you need to know:

  • White Gold Looks Similar To Platinum But Is More Affordable

White gold engagement rings can look similar to a platinum ring. Therefore, it can be a cheaper alternative to platinum. If you cannot afford platinum rings, then you can go for white gold as it is similar in appearance.

  • White Gold Is More Durable Than Yellow Gold

The alloys used in white gold can give it more durability when compared to yellow gold. This metal won’t get scratched easily. Hence, this can be a great choice for people who lead an active life.

  • White Gold Requires More Maintenance

The rhodium plating used in white gold will wear off after a few years and you can notice the yellow color coming through. So you will have to re-dip white gold engagement rings in rhodium every few years.

  • It Can Cause Irritation To Sensitive Skin

The alloys like nickel used in white gold might irritate people with sensitive skin.

Yellow Gold

The alloys used in yellow gold include copper, nickel, silver, zinc, and/or palladium. The copper content will be higher than the other alloys to maintain the gold color.

Properties Of Yellow Gold:

Some of the important properties of yellow gold are listed below:

  • It Is Easier To Maintain

Unlike white gold, yellow gold will not lose its color even after a long time. Hence, it can be easy for you to maintain.

  • It Can Be Resized Easily

Yellow gold is soft, so it can be easily resized. Also, the jeweler does not have to add rhodium coating after resizing.

  • It Can Be Scratched Easily

Yellow gold engagement rings can get scratched easily when compared to white gold. Hence, this may not be suitable for people with an active lifestyle.

Although both yellow and white gold are great options for engagement rings; you have to choose according to your skin tone, budget, and lifestyles.