Diamond Engagement Rings
Engagement Rrings
Engagement Rrings

It takes a lot of money to purchase an engagement ring. Unlike most jewelry that becomes popular and goes out of fashion from time to time, this piece should feel and look timeless. Drop the appropriate hints to help make it easier for your man to look for the ideal ring. When you feel that he is ready to pop the question, expect him to do so with something sparkly as you see in this RockHer webpage.

Show Him Photos

This is an excellent way to provide your boyfriend with a picture of your preferred diamond ring. When browsing magazines, just point out photos and casually tell him that you would like to have one of those diamond rings.

Shop For the Engagement Ring Together

When you walk past a jewelry store, pop in to window-shop and talk to your lover about your ambitions of having a gemstone engagement ring when in there. Why not put on rings with some styles when you are in it. The piece you always had in mind may appear different when it will be on your engagement finger. If your man is a staunch traditionalist, then he might return to that store and purchase the piece.

Demand a Surprise

Tell your man in passing about your favourite settings and diamond ring styles. This will subtly make clear the things you are searching for. After that, leave everything else to your lover. Tell him that you like his style and that you are certain of him making the perfect purchase. Just make sure to draw his attention to rings you would not wear.

Suggest a Friend Or Family Member Go With Your Lover

Are you still seeking what is possibly your life’s biggest surprise yet? If yes, why not advise him to take your mother or best friend or sister to the store for help. You should know that that loved one is aware of your style and that you can trust his or her taste in jewelry.

Custom-Design the Piece Together

This is a perfect way to have your dream engagement ring, and it will keep the surprise element intact. Many couples come up with their own ideas and design such a ring together. Do your diligence and do not forget to ask your lover what he makes of certain styles. The custom design process includes education about the various styles and design options, helping you to find the right gemstone and commission just what you always wanted.