Princess Cut Diamond Rings
Diamond Ring Tips

Princess cut diamond rings are perfect choices for people who are looking for diamonds with high brightness and those that are less conventional than the standard round diamonds.

About Princess Cut Diamond

Princess cut diamond is a newcomer to the diamond market and was designed in the year 1981 by Israel Itzkowitz and Betzalel Ambar. Princess cut diamonds are square modified brilliants by the Gemological Institute of America grading reports, which distinguishes these diamonds from the step cut form of facet arrangements you could find in other diamonds. It can also be tapered or rectangular and looks like an upside-down pyramid with more of its weight towards the pavilion. The arrangements of the facets and their number can vary widely.

Things to Look for While Buying a Princess Cut Diamond

The shape of the Diamond: A princess cut in square shape has a length-to-width ratio that does not go beyond 1:05:1. Princess cut diamonds having unequal proportions and uneven sides seem to be less attractive.

The symmetry of the Diamond: The symmetry of the facets of the diamond helps in enhancing the overall beauty of the diamond. Drawing an imaginary line across the length of the stone can help check whether the facets on the left and right sides have the same shape and size. Checking that all the points of the facets meet and making sure that there no facets that are missing or extra can help you select the right diamond for you. Drawing an imaginary line across the length of the diamond can let you see if the facets on the top and bottom are symmetric to each other. The desirability of the diamond increases with the symmetrical property of the facets of the diamond.

Sparkle of the Diamond: A contrast of black and white patterns in a balanced way for the facets and the table are very important. Diamonds that are either too dark or too light are not as attractive as the diamonds that hold a balance in this case.

Avoid the Bulge of the Diamond’s Pavilion: The pavilion of the diamond should slope gently from the girdle area to the culet. Steep slopes can result in forming a pavilion bridge on the diamond – this can make the diamond look dark and also to add extra weight to the diamond.

These are a few things that you need to keep in mind while shopping for princess cut diamond engagement rings. These diamonds can look real attractive when set on rose gold bands. To know more on rose gold engagement rings, checkout the link