Gin and vodka are two distinct spirits with one associated with pine and juniper flavors while the other famous for being devoid of any characteristic taste or flavor. Vodka does not have any flavor or odor, unlike gin. Gin is sometimes mistakenly regarded as the flavored version of vodka but there are several factors that distinguish them. Let us see what they are.

What Is Vodka?

As per the definition of the US government, vodka is neutral alcohol that is treated as an alcoholic drink, devoid of any aroma, taste, or color. Vodka is high in demand in the market and some market studies reveal that about 32 percent of liquor sold in the market is vodka. Vodka is a Russian word that means water, a word befitting the clear nature of the spirit.

What Is Gin?

 Gin is made with distillation or mixing of spirit with juniper berries in addition to other aromatics or extracts. Juniper tastes like pine but also has a herbaceous and floral touch to it. The spirit has 40 percent alcohol by volume.

Vodka Vs Gin

Let us compare some of the important features of vodka and gin to help you buy alcohol.

Raw Material

Vodka is made by the distillation of wheat or potatoes while gin is made using malt or grain as the starting raw material and then adding juniper berries to the mix. While the primary constituent of vodka is ethanol and water, gin has juniper berries as its major constituent that provides a flavor, which stands out.


When you see them, it is hard to tell the difference between gin and vodka, as both are colorless spirits. However, they have entirely different tastes. In fact, vodka does not have any taste. But gin has a characteristic juniper flavor along with the taste notes contributed by the botanicals added to it.

Way Of Serving

Vodka is best-served chilled whereas gin can be served even without refrigeration. Vodka has better viscosity at ice-cold temperatures and offers a better experience when served chilled. As gin already comes with aromatic flavors, it is not necessary to be served chilled.

Addition To Cocktails

Even though both vodka and gin are good for making cocktails, vodka is the one that is mostly preferred by professionals. However, the choice of vodka or gin depends on the flavor preferences of people.