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Wearing an engagement ring signifies that the one wearing it is betrothed to get married. The tradition of proposing girls with a proposal ring or an engagement ring came from ancient Egyptians, while the ancient Romans popularized this custom. In the olden times, wearing an engagement ring not only signified the eternal commitment of partners in the relationship, but also served as a statement that the woman wearing the engagement ring is no longer available.

There are lots of interesting things to tell about engagement rings, that at times, wedding rings are left devoid of the attention they are worthy of. Interestingly, wedding rings are the ones that would be worn by the couple for the rest of their life. It also indicates their commitment as a married couple, and acts as a visible symbol of their marriage.

Wedding rings can be translated to a symbol of love, loyalty, and faithfulness, and they have been so throughout the history. This wonderful tradition can be seen in all cultures around the globe, while some regarded wedding rings as a highly valued and sacred jewelry.

It is a fact that couples purchase a wedding ring in a different way from that of buying an engagement ring. Many couples buy their wedding rings together, and hence, there would not be any ingredient of surprise in it. What’s more, this would be the most sensible and practical decision that could be made. Buying the ring together also shows that you respect each other’s tastes and interests. Below are some awesome tips to help you choose your dream wedding ring.

Start Early

The biggest mistake most of the couples make these days is waiting for a long time to buy the wedding ring. Note that it usually takes up to three or four weeks for getting the ring size ready, and that could be even more in case of a custom-made wedding ring. So apparently, you need to start early.

The best time to start searching for a wedding ring is 6 months prior to the wedding day, so that you can make sure that you are not under a hurry burry. If this is left for the last moment, then you may not get enough time to choose your ideal ring and might have to get along with the second best choice.

Prepare the Budget Upfront

Planning a budget for shopping your dream ring can be really helpful because people always get side-tracked while shopping without a pre-determined budget. It is normally suggested to set aside about 3% to 5% of the entire wedding budget on the wedding band.

You could also make a big difference in the budget by playing with the ring metal and changing the styles. For instance, compare the full eternity band to the half eternity band; there would be a significant difference in terms of cost but you would not find much difference when comparing the appearance of the rings. Additionally, it is a good idea to choose white gold over platinum to trim down the costs; both the metals look the same anyway.

Designer ringsandhuge brand names also play a role in increasing the overall price of the ring. The thing to keep in your mind here is that there would not be a significant difference in its looks whether you get the wedding ring from a brand store or from an online jewelry site, but there could be an extensive variation regarding their prices.

Consider your Lifestyle

It is very important to consider your lifestyle while choosing your ideal wedding ring, but most of the people forget to do so. The wedding ring is actually something that you would wear for the rest of your life, and hence, it is crucial to match your ring with your lifestyle so as to increase the life of the ring.

Of course, the key thing to be remembered here is that you buy a stylish ring that is a practical choice for your way of life. For instance, if you were an outdoor person or need to work with lots of chemicals, then your ring has to be tough enough to withstand what’s coming their way. This must be taken in account while choosing the metal and the ring setting as well; you could also inquire with the jeweler about these factors prior to your purchase.

Choose your metal

Gold and platinum are the most widely preferred metals for wedding rings, although you can get your wedding ring in a variety of other metals these days. The bride and groom would be able to match their rings too with the same metal choice. You may choose the style according to your taste, while the matching metal would give a subtle and divine connection between the rings.